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Dutch tourists on the way to Rhodes as part of “tourism experiment”

A total of 189 Dutch tourists that participate in the pilot programme for the opening of this year’s tourism season will arrive on the island of Rhodes on Monday afternoon.

Their holidays on Rhodes will start today and will end on Monday 19 April.

The Dutch tourists are of various ages and are expected to land at Diagoras Airport of Rhodes with a Transavia flight at 17:40.

All of them, including their two guides, have undergone PCR test with negative result three days before the arrival in Greece and another rapid test before departing the Netherlands.

Three days before leaving Greece, they will take another PCR test and a rapid test before getting on board to return to their country.

The tourists will be able to move freely to all the areas of Mitsis Grand Beach Hotel that will host them for a week. Some small entertainment events are reportedlt scheduled.

The hotel will not have any other clients.

The ‘tourism experiment’ is an initiative by the travel industry it was also approved by the Dutch government.

Over 25,000 Dutch people have reportedly applied to the all inclusive holiday at the spot price of 399 euros.

They will stay for eight days at an all-inc

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  1. Apologies. I missed something. What is the experiment of being locked in a hotel? Is it like a lockdown but on holiday? What are the sought outcomes?

    • If a group of people who do not have the coronavirus socialize only among themselves (assuming they don’t mix with staff who may leave the resort–do the staff leave during this experiment?) then of course, they will not catch coronavirus.

      But it’s a bad experiment because it does not replicate a real life scenario. In a real life scenario, the tourists will mix with Greeks and other foreigners. Otherwise, what’s the point? Who takes a holiday to simply be alone and excluded from everyone else?

      But this group won’t catch the coronavirus (depending on the staff variable), and the government will declare that tourism is safe. So I suppose THAT is the point.

    • The outcome is maybe that somehow a Mitsis Grand Beach Hotel with the help of some travel agents and some lobbyism, good contacts or whatever, made it to sell these vacations as a “tourism experiment”, filling their pockets before any body else is allowed to do so…
      The scientific outcome is for sure marginal.

  2. What about the staff, in and out of the facility each day? Potential for spread to the community if one or more 72hr -ve PCR is now a +ve. See numbers of +ves picked up at border entry points, all -ve in thier home country.
    Agree with Savvas, seems pointless!

  3. We,ve had people in our village from Denmark. Stayed 5 days to check on their house then off back home to Denmark. who needs experiments when you can wander in and out at will.