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Dutch government approves “tourism experiment” on Rhodes

An experiment to test whether vacations abroad can be considered coronavirus-proof was approved by the Dutch government on Tuesday. Τhe experiment will take place on the island of Rhodes in April, according to reports in the Dutch media.

The trip, set to begin on April 12, is an initiative by the travel industry and will be enjoyed by approximately 188 travelers.

They will stay for eight days at an all-inclusive resort on Rhodes, which they will be unable to leave and will only allow entry to the staff. They will be tested both prior and after the trip to see the efficacy of measures in containing the virus for international holidaymakers.

According to, if the coronavirus situation in the Netherlands or in Rhodes deteriorates to the point that it could lead to major risks, the trip will be canceled.

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  1. so fly two thousand kilometers to stay 8 days shut into a ‘hotel’ , pay for it even, and somehow call that a holiday? 8 days in a mental hospital would sound more apropos!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      food and swim and sun 🙂

    • Lots of people choose to stay at all inclusive resorts and never leave it. They like the fact that they know the total price of the holiday before they go and don’t need to spend one Euro more if they don’t want to. It’s not what I would choose to do but plenty of people do.

    • Isn’t that the “wonderful” concept of all-inclusive ?

    • I wouldn’t mind a week in Rhodes. It beats being confined to my apartment in Riga!
      I would be nice just to set outside in the sunshine with a beer.

  2. Who is going to look after these tourists when they start arriving on our Greek islands? Our tourist industry workers will be in close contact with foreign tourists, but have not yet had any vaccinations to protect themselves. Is this fair?

  3. If they are vaccinated and no one has it, and they are not allowed to mix with locals, then the result is predictable. But this is an experiment.
    In real life, not experiments, people will mix, otherwise it creates a two tiered society, the have’s and the have-not’s.
    So the experiment will show no one catches the virus(since no one has it) then the real tourists will come and ppl will catch it inevitably. Who will catch it? I suppose all the non-vaccinated Greeks (most of society) who also want to go to the beach and bars and restaurants!
    (Btw, my sister caught Covid a year ago and just now caught it a second time now, but much more mild. Seems nothing is guaranteed)

  4. All inclusive is killing real tourism and all small businesses anyway.

  5. michele lavender

    The resort will be by the beach,all inclusive!!!baby,non stop food,the pool,the sun…yes please

  6. 25.000 people signed up for a spot of 189 🙂

  7. When I was in Rhodes in 1992 we stayed in a hotel in Ialyssos that was, i guess, all inclusive in the sense that it had a pool, beach, and gave you two meals a day. BUT…. we also left the hotel and ate elsewhere, or took tours that were arranged by the hotel and the travel company we came with and nobody ever FORCED you to eat all your meals at the hotel. And, as far as I know, this was only 1 of many MANY hotels in Rhodes that worked this way. So, I don’t find this anything new.