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Pfizer CEO warns that third vaccine dose might be required within 12 months

Albert Bourla, the Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer pharmaceutical, warned that a third vaccine dose might be necessary in comments published on Thursday. Bourla said he expects those fully vaccinated against Covid will need a third dose  within 12 months.

Those who have been fully vaccinated might be required to get an additional shot after 12 months.

He also warned that coronavirus vaccinations drives might have to be done on an annual basis, similar to the flu shot.

Bourla also highlighted the importance of reducing the number of potential virus carriers and expressed optimism that vaccines will be an important tool in the battle against the extremely contagious coronavirus variants.

Bourla made his comments at an event organized by the American multinational CVS Health, US-media report.

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  1. Big business, the whole world on an annual shot! Especially when countries make it mandatory.
    Maybe cheaper to find a medicine that weakens the symptoms so hospitalisation is not necessary.

  2. I suppose no one is surprised by this new announcement?
    This is never ending, as some are making huge profits, while the 99% suffer.
    There are other ways to tackle this epidemic, as demonstrated by “third world” countries that use simple, tested and practical treatments. The problem is that most politicians have accepted bribes to reduce their own population into servitude and a good 50% of the population has given up on any form of thinking, preferring to repeat government mantras as “science”. Until when people, until when?

  3. I’m curious. Could you provide a list of which countries have made it mandatory?