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Greece decreases Covid-19 self-tests in schools to once per week; university exams

Greece’s Education Ministry announced on Thursday that Covid-19 self-tests in schools will be obligatory once per week and not twice. Regarding the students’ spring exams it is up to universities to decided whether they will take place in-person or remotely, the ministry statement said.

In accordance with the recommendations of the committee of pandemic experts, the education ministry has decided that spring semester exams in tertiary education can take place both remotely or in person, leaving the decision up to the relevant departments with the proviso that students and teaching staff first do self-tests.

At the same time, all the measures for preventing and protecting against the spread of the novel coronavirus will continue to apply, such as the mandatory use masks both indoors and outdoors, the thorough cleaning of surfaces, ventilation of spaces and others.

It was also announced that, from next Monday, one self-test will be required once a week for the attendance of students, teachers, administrative and other staff in schools around the country.

The test must be carried out up to 24 hours before arrival at the school on Monday morning and its result reported on the platform according to the instructions.

The members of the educational community must bring a negative test certificate and show this when arriving at school.

Primary and secondary education opened again last week with two obligatory self-tests per week. Many showed a “false positive” result, media reported. It is not clear whether the reduction has to do with the not-so accurate results.

Clear is, though, that Greece lifts major lockdown restrictions on May 14 and open its gates to international tourists, despite the fact that daily coronavirus cases are in the average over 2,500.

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  1. Savvas Andreas

    We don’t want too many cases when we’re trying to be green for the UK!
    PCR testing to subtly reduce too?

  2. You couldn’t make this stuff up! Priceless!!!! We still want a jab please please please greece!