Saturday , May 25 2019
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Envelopes with mysterious substance arrive to 11 Greek universities from India

Several suspicious envelopes, some of them containing an unknown substance were sent to eleven University facilities in Greece over the last hours. All of them were sent from India, had Indian stamps and leaflets in English reading “Islam will rule but this will not happen because of the Muslims.” Special …

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SYRIZA-ANEL vote to reinstall asylum in Greece’s universities

Lawmakers from the ruling leftist SYRIZA party and their coalition partners Independent Greeks (ANEL) have passed a controversial bill aimed at overhauling Greek universities and technical colleges. The vote was conducted by roll call in Parliament Wednesday following a request by main New Democracy opposition that has fought the reforms …

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“Frustration” should be a Greek word: Brain-Drain is easy among technology developers

Frustration in Greece is Problem No 1. You try and try and you hit wall. Again and again. Most of the time. Especially, when you have to deal with the state. In their free time and without any funding, a group of students developed an Application that provides useful information …

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