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Virus will bite us again, opening without health safety protocols,” warns Virology expert

A US-based virology expert on Friday decried lapses in health safety protocols for travel to the Greek islands, warning that “the virus will come back to bite us if we disregard it.”

“Even though we have the standards, the information, we are opening up without abiding by any standards and this is evident all around you,” Dr George Pavlakis, a senior investigator and head of the Human Retrovirus Section at the American National Cancer Institute, told Mega television on Friday.

Pointing to a recent announcement by the Dutch government that it is putting the islands of the southern Aegean back on its “orange” travel list as of Sunday – meaning that travelers returning from these islands must be quarantined when they return – Pavlakis warned of the risk of large outbreaks at popular holiday destinations and the devastating impact this would have on tourism.

“I sometimes feel that we’re scratching out our own eyes,” he said, citing the example of Kos, which is expecting at least 120,000 tourists from The Netherlands this summer.

Asked whether he believes the ongoing lifting of lockdown restrictions was necessary to give the people “room to breathe,” the Greek expert said “the people can breathe when we become Portugal and beat the third wave.”

“The third wave in Greece rose gradually and has lasted a very long time and now it is receding even more gradually and tortuously,” Pavlakis said. “We have between 50 and 80 deaths every day. A busload of people is being sacrificed every day.” [kathimerini, ethnos]

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  1. None or few will come from the Netherlands because the government put those islands on orange again.
    Meaning quarantine 10 days when you come back.
    Most if not all cancel their holiday and choose other destination.

  2. Katarina Mavro

    I hope the incredible Greek PM reads this warning of an expert and feels ashamed about his own stupid statement from May 27 in a stupid German Boulevard newspaper, called „Bild on Sunday“.
    But what can you expect from a PM who and his fashionable wife always denied the rules of Lockdown in the last month without caring the public,
    For how stupid does Mr. Mitsotakis take the Germans?
    Why doesn’t he tell the truth about the still existing high incidence of infections with the Covid19 Virus, which is higher in Greece than in Germany?
    And why doesn’t he care about the too many death of people over 70 years?
    It’s true that Greece nowadays is not the Greece of before 2015-2019! Then there were no such brutal police actions than we had to see in the last month! The handling of asylum seekers and refugees is a permanent scandal.
    With this government under the rule of a right-wing conservative PM Greece will certainly change, but not to its favor!
    Not for Greeks not for foreigners living here.