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Retired priest kills kitten with metal stick; arrest on felony charges

Police has arrested a retired priest for killing a kitten with a metal stick and dumping it in a bag into a trash bin. The 88-year-old man known in the local community of Volos faces felony charges and an administrative fine of 30,000 euros.

While in police station, the man felt unwell after he was informed about the charge he faces. He claimed “heart problems”  and is now hospitalized guarded in the general hospital of Volos.

According to local media taxydromos, the priest killed the kitten with a metal stick, put it in a bag and threw it to the garbage. The incident on Sunday afternoon took place in front of a youngster who was shocked and later informed a person he trusted about it.


This person, reportedly a neighbor of the priest, denounced the brutal killing to police.

Officers found the retired priest at his home and took him to the station.

His testimony is due in the following days also depending on his health condition.

The arrest pleased animal welfare association that also hailed the citizen who denounced the incident to police.

Meanwhile, in Pyrgos Ilias, south Peloponnese another priest was arrested for neglecting and abusing his donkey.

The animal was spotted by an animal lover who initially thought it was abandoned. The donkey would hardly walk as the hoof  nails seemed untrimmed for several years.

The woman took the female donkey and offered her food, water and shadow.

It soon turned out that the donkey belonged to a local priest, who later broke into her home and threatened here. The police was called in and the whole situation resulted in the priest’s arrest last Saturday.

As the priest has more animals, sheep and horses, veterinarian authorities should check their living conditions, animal welfare website zoosos reported.

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  1. Greeks are horrible. My neighbour left her cats on street, and forgot to give them watter. Three kittens already died. I hope she will get arrested!!

  2. If you dont help an animal in distress YOU are the one to blame! Of course the owner should be charged and forbidden to have animals at all! In the case of cats a lot of people say: its just a cat, why bother. Have often wondered why just cats are so mistreated? Anyway, help the poor cats and other animals whose owners does not seem to care! And, PLEASE, sterilize them so that they dont have to have kittens that no one will take care of either!!!

  3. This sounds horrible but you can’t say Greeks are horrible, I have lots of Greek friends who love animals and wouldn’t dream of harming one, that said I hope the retired priest rots in hell

  4. In our neighborhood, Petralona, you can’t walk a single block without seeing fat & happy cats from the neighborhood taking care of them. Still, spay & neuter of the cats is the long term answer to overpopulation.