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Self Tests: Free distribution from pharmacies ends on June 19

The free distribution of self tests from pharmacies ends on June 19, the Panhellenic Association of Pharmacists said on Tuesday.

Speaking to Open TV, member of the board of the PAPh Thanassis Papathanassis, said “As a Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association, we decided to extend the two-month free distribution of self-tests until June 19. ”

He added that the state is aware of this decision.

Also the president to the local Association in Heraklio Crete made relevant announcements.

The first Pharmacists Association that decided to halt the free distribution was the one in Patras last week. With a vaste majority of votes, the members decided to stop the distribution saying that their obligations have increased significantly and they can not meet their duties.

It is recalled that employees of the private sector and public sector received in the current week 3 free self-tests to be used each week June 30.

A few hours later, State Minister Akis Skertsos confirmed the halting of distribution from pharmacies with a post on social media.

He said that the policy of free distribution will continue in the summer months via channels to be announced in the next days.

He added that students, teachers and administrative personnel at  primary and secondary education as well as all citizens aged 18-30 will receive their free tests next week.

Skertsos said that since April 12, when the self-tests were introduced and vaccination against Covid-19 intensified the pandemic indicators decreased by 73% in Covid-infections, by 65% in Covid-hospitalizations,and by 53% in tests positivity.

Note that a self-test at the pharmacy cost some 6 to 7 euros.

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