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Husband confesses murder of British-born Caroline, says Greek Police

The 32-year-old husband confessed the murder of his young wife, 20-year-old British-born Caroline Crouch, Greek Police announced on Thursday evening, after a marathon testimony earlier on the day. The brutal murder took place in the family home in Glyka Nera village in eastern Attica on May 11.

The man’s confession came after his marathon testimony, which was being held at Attica police headquarters in Athens (GADA) since Thursday afternoon.

Earlier in the day, the man had attended the 40-day memorial service for the victim on the island of Alonnisos.

During the service the scumbag of a husband dared comforting Caroline’s mourning mother.

After the service, he was taken to a police helicopter and brought to police headquarters in Athens for additional testimony.

According to media reports, the husband told investigators that he killed his wife after she threatened to leave him and take their 11-month-old infant with her following an argument.

He reportedly said that he got angry, attacked her and suffocated her with a pillow.

Hours before her murder, Caroline is said to have been searching for a hotel for her and her baby.

He is also said to have confessed to staging the scene of the crime to back his story to police that the 20-year-old was beaten and strangled by three robbers looking for cash and valuables, while he, the 32-year-old, was tied to a chair and unable to help.

He reportedly also insisted that he alone staged the whole “crime” scene.

He alleged that he staged the bogus “burglary” because he wanted to take care of his child.

Police investigation had shown new evidence and gaps between the husband’s testimony who was also the only “witness” of the fake “burglary.”

Caroline’s biometric smartwatch showed that she was alive during the time her husband alleged that she was dead.

His smartwatch showed activity like steps during the time he claimed he was sleeping before the alleged burglar broke into the two-storey house.

The man will be led before a prosecutor, he faces murder charges.

The Greek brutalo had even killed the family dog and hanged it from the staircase.

It should be recalled that right after the murder, Greek media had called the couple’s relationship a “fairy tale.” Fact was, however, that a grown up man of 27 years old had started a relationship with a 14-year-old a teenage girl. She suffered a miscarriage at 17, he married her a year later.

When the narcissist predator saw that his prey was about to escape from the cage, he killed her.

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