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Greece’s epidemiologists give green light for no masks outdoors

Greece’s committee of epidemiologists have given the green light for the abolition of wearing face masks outdoors, media report on Wednesday. The new measure is expected to be in effect from Thursday, June 24, the day where the country is being hit by a heat wave with temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius.

According to media information, the use of masks will only remain mandatory in cases of overcrowding.

The Committee reportedly also recommends the lifting of the night curfew 1:30-5:00, although it is not clear yet from when it will be in effect.

At the same time, the health experts suggest the non-use of self test by fully vaccinated citizens and the increase of the number of customers per table in restaurants, cafes and bars.

Finally, the number of guests at receptions is expected to increase to 400 people from currently 300.

On organized beaches 120 people per 1000 square meters will be allowed.

The official announcements are scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, in an extraordinary live briefing by health and civil protection authorities.

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  1. These guys are idiots. Why wait two days? The mask does nothing to prevent this or any air borne virus.

    • There is no evidence to support that statement. Wearing of masks by infected people significantly reduces the spread to non-infected people by trapping droplets of moisture containing the virus. It is not perfect but the reduction is big.

      Masks are not so good for protecting non-infected people if they are exposed to non-mask wearing infected people. Since we don’t know who is infected the message is for everybody to wear a mask to protect others not to protect yourself. If you are in an area where nobody is likely to come close to you, especially outdoors where the aerosols can easily disperse, then there is no need to wear a mask.

  2. The majority of tourists where I live don’t bother anyway & the rules are not being enforced, so the mask mandate is pointless. It’s VERY frustrating when residents have & continue to stick to the rules & others wander around like nothing’s happening. Let’s hope the situation is well enough under control to handle the no-mask outdoors policy. Despite the heat I’ll continue to wear my mask, at least until the busier season is over.

    • I totally agree, I will keep mine on as well. Was easy to spot the difference between local and tourist just by the masks which is very unfair but impossible to police I would say. Let’s hope we all continue to be safe whatever we do.