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Greece’s authorities hold emergency meeting on Delta variant in Crete

Ηead of Civil Protection, Greece’s top epidemiologist Sotiris Tsiodras are holding an emergency meeting with local authorities from Crete over the spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19 on the island.

Τhe meeting takes place hours after the head of Greek National Health Care Organization EODY, Panagiotis Arkoumaneas warned of the Delta variant to media.

Speaking to Skai FM, Arkoumaneas warned that the Delta variant will have prevailed in Greece and will be the dominant strain by the end of August.

He revealed that new cases of the Delta mutation [Indian variant/Lineage B.1.617] have been identified in Athens, Crete and Corinth.

“11 cases of the Delta type variant have already been announced and more are expected to be announced [later] today,” he said.

State broadcaster ERT reported Wednesday afternoon that the number of Delta variant cases was 9-10 on Crete and it has doubled, meanwhile.

EODY head warned those who have not be vaccinated stressing that “those who are not vaccinated are in danger.”

Arkoumaneas stressed that the specific strain of the Delta mutation is 50%-60% is more contagious.

He clarified, however, that vaccinated citizens are also covered for this mutation.

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  1. Probably not the best time to stop wearing facemasks then is it…

    • Well since the masks are only funny little talismans that make some people feel safer but don’t actually do anything, I’d say yeah, it’s always a good time to stop wearing them. Getting some oxygen when walking outside is way more important than having a piece of paper or cloth on your face pretending it can stop viruses

      • Mmmmm. What a strange little world you live in

      • You need to do some research into the medical facts

      • next time someone in your family needs a surgical procedure remind the surgeon and team to remove their masks, as there is absolutely no danger if they breathe all over the patient. Ditto for dentist and root canal – the closer the better.

  2. Never seen any evidence that wearing masks outside has any noticeable effect on transmission. Indoors, yes, but outside you’d have to be incredibly close to someone for a prolonged period to stand any chance of catching their germs.

  3. Not sure it’s been brought by tourism.
    If so, I hope it was worth it.
    Delta gives me the scares.
    Fittest variant and extremely more transmissible compared to original one.
    It’s gonna spread like crazy I believe.