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“Local lockdowns possible due to Delta variant,” says EODY president

The president of Greek Nαtional Hεalth Care organization EODY, Panagiotis Arkoumaneas  warned that local lockdowns are possible in areas with low vaccination rate due to the Delta variant of Covid-19.

Speaking to Skai TV, Arkoumaneas recalled “we said in May that there is a risk of local lockdowns if there are epidemiological ‘outbreaks’. It is still valid in areas with low vaccination coverage.”

He added that “any area in this situation has an increased risk and that is why we asked for an additional communication effort to increase the percentage of vaccinated people.”

He reiterated what he said a day earlier, that the world community is on alert due to the Delta variant that is 50%-60% more contagious than the British one.

“Right now the [calculation] models show that in August the Delta mutation will be dominant in Europe and probably in our country,” Arkoumaneas said.

The solution to this problem is the vaccines, he stressed.

On Thursday, Greek health authorities released the latest data on Delta and other Covid-19 variants and held an emergency meeting on the situation on the island of Crete.

State broadcaster ERT reported on Friday morning that the Delta cases located in Heraklio are all younger than 30 years old and not vaccinated. Authorities have not identified Delta-patient “zero” yet but are sure the variant came from abroad: either with a local who returned or with a tourist, ERT reported.

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  1. Where have all these tourists come from then……While we on Crete were still isolating, none of them wearing masks at all, typically beneath them, from countries we are now hearing have it bad.

  2. The solution to the problem is vaccines he stressed. So why are you making it so difficult for some people to get vaccinated?