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Greece to impose lockdown locally in summer if outbreaks: The measures

Lockdown restrictions will be imposed locally also in the middle of summer and the tourism season in the event that an increase of the epidemiological burden is recorded, head of Civil Protection and deputy minister Nikos Hardalias said on Friday evening.

At the weekly briefing on Friday, Hardalias listed the restrictions that will be imposed in case of significant increase of coronavirus infections.

The measures that will be implemented locally to contain the spread of the coronavirus are;

1. Curfew from midnight (00:00) until 06:00 in the morning.

2. The operation of all restaurants, cafes etc will be limited:

o exclusively outdoors
o only seated customers allowed
o 24-hour music ban
o Disinfection of menu catalogs during the rotation of customers at the tables
o Placement of disinfectant product per table
o Mandatory use of mask by staff and customers during waiting time

3. Suspension of any kind of events, such as live parties, trade fairs, processions, open markets, concerts, etc.

4. Prohibition of any kind of gathering of citizens over 9 people for any reason, both in public and in private.

5. Dining areas will allow a maximum number of people at each table up to 4 people, unless it is a family of up to 6 people.

6. Suspension of construction works.

7. Suspension of religious ceremonies, with the exception of funerals with the presence of up to 9 people and services performed only by ministers.

Earlier at the live briefing Hardalias warned the residents of 5 islands that an increase of infections has been recorded in the last five days.

Beginning of the month, Greece lifted major restrictions of lockdown and reopen activities like dine out, cinemas, theaters and shopping without time limit. Music in bars and restaurateur is still prohibited, even though the ban may be lifted next month.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. Unfortunately we all know what will happen in October: They will put us in house arrest for the entire winter, again. Citizens have accepted anything so far, because of fear.
    Also, tourists that I met complain: most of the ones arriving in Greece have been vaccinated, and yet, they are asked to show a proof of negative PCR test and can still be randomly tested.
    They wonder why they accepted these “jabs” without knowing the long-term consequences on their health, while being obligated to continue to use masks, go through tests, and will have to renew their vaccines at least every year. I hear many saying they will not do it again.
    We are not much better off this year than we were last summer.
    There are other practical solutions implemented in “third world” countries that are effective to fight off the pandemic and limit drastically the number of deaths. When will we have the humility to learn?

  2. Greece has lost control. And its all because vaccinations. They have forced people to get vaccinated and they think they were not sued for this because they granted themself legal immunity. You will pay for it. Den Haag is waiting for you. Italian and Israelis allready field lawsuits against their governments at the International Criminal Court. Forcing people to get an experimental Madication is a crime against hummanity. The Germans wont came this year, because they know that they have to start refreshvaccination in summer another refresh in winter and every 3 to 6 months untill the last pinguin at southpole is vaccinated. So take your beautiful vaccination pass and be happy with it. Spent your holiday in corfu but be careful its deep red now.

    • Nobody has been forced to be vaccinated. You are offered an appointment. Whether you accept it is up to you.

      The evidence is there for all to see. The countries that have a high level of vaccination are getting low cases and even lower hospitalisations, intubations and deaths. The countries that have a low level of vaccination are continuing to get high case numbers, high levels of hospitalisation, high levels of intubations and high numbers of deaths. Your choice.

      PS I would love some information on which “third world countries” are doing so much better and what these wonderful methods are?

  3. Thank you Francesco and daniel. My sentiments also. We are being well and truly duped, but what will be the end result? And how many sheep believe everything daily ‘dripped’ by the media? Frightening

  4. Interestingly if they publish both the positivity and the cases per 100,000 population over 7 days we’ll be able to see how many tests were (or weren’t) carried out in those areas. That might bring on the pains for some……

  5. Couple of quick points

    1. They already admitted once that lockdowns don’t work. But hey as long as dumb sheep obey you can get them to do anything and have total control over their sad lives. Forcing anyone to take any vaccine against their will is a crime. I hope people realize this and don’t accept just anything
    2. Why isn’t anyone pointing out the many conflicts between almost everything that is said? We’re all supposed to take the vaccine because that way we will all be safe, however we can never go back to normal even after vaccine because somehow we’re all still in danger forever… So… I guess the vaccine ain’t that great then?

    People are so easy to control with fear. It’s quite disappointing and embarrassing really. Usually when you ask people a general question “do you trust your government?” most people say “No! They are all liars and thieves who don’t care about the people” – yet these same people are trusting their government blindly now because they are scared. Shaking my head

  6. I was under the impression that these are the existing restrictions and not “extra ones”.

    Have I missed something?

  7. I sometimes wonder who are ‘the sheep’? Is it those who, voluntarily, have a vaccine innoculation based on best scientific advice or those who prefer to believe the, often, misinformation on social media?
    The jab is there as a damage limitation measure and, quite possibly, we will need boosters annually.
    The governments’ measures to restrict movement were never going to be 100% successful and the contradictory announcements by different departments did nothing to reassure the public that government knew what it was doing. However, people need to separate the politics from the science and start applying some common sense to their decisions.