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PM Mitsotakis is “extremely optimistic about the future of Greek economy”

Prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotsakis said he was extremely optimist abou tthe future of the Greek economy and named four basic reasons for it. The Greek economy withstood the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic and is ready to revive, the PM said on Thursday, addressing the opening day of the Economist’s 25th Roundtable with the Government of Greece, “From social distancing to social solidarity.”

Mitsotakis asserted that he is “extremely optimistic about the future of the Greek economy, for four basic reasons.” He listed them as follows:

– Bank deposits in Greece correspond to 14% of GDP, and a great part of them will return to the market. There is also an optimistic outlook for tourism returns in the second half of the year.

– The government’s recovery plan (Greece 2.0) foresees the first disbursements from EU Recovery Funds – over 7 billion euros – within 2021. Long-term, the EU Recovery Funds will contribute 7% to the GDP.

– The Greek economy borrows in the international markets at very low interest rates.

– During the pandemic, key infrastructural changes took place, including the digital state, distance working, the new labor framework, and the collapse of myths and stereotypes about Greece, all of which make it a desirable destination for investments. This is confirmed by repeated upgrades by all credit houses, he added.

“Today, Greeks play fewer taxes for everything and contribute lower insurance premiums. Our borders are being guarded as EU borders, and all this was achieved while the planet was under attack by the coronavirus,” Mitsotakis stressed.

He added “our country can welcome tens of thousands of digital nomads who can settle in Greece and work from here,” and pointed to Greece’s desirability because of the state’s speedy and extensive digitization through the portal gov.gr, the healthy banks, creative workers, and fair labor regulations.

PS all sounds pretty fabulous, we should not believe the Development Minister who recently said there was no money to support a 3rd pandemic lockdown and in this political sense we can pack and leave the city for summer vacations on the islands.

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  1. hah, what kind of ‘digital nomad’ in his right mind would subject himself voluntarily to this sinsane system? sorry mate , those ‘digital nomads’ are in places like switzerland, singapore, the netherlands, and the US.. and for very good reasons.
    of course his ‘greece 2.0’ is essntially turning the whole country into nothing but a website, then maybe it starts to make more sense. why can’t he just take his website somewhere else (be one of those ‘digital nomads’ hes so fond of) and leave greece alone?

  2. I can’t believe he thinks Greeks pay low taxes. I think the salary income tax and capital gains tax is quite high, not to mention that the we have to pay a 23% VAT on almost anything we buy!

  3. I think he was referring to his own household economy…

  4. Digital Nomads… LMAO.. I was a US remote worker (Greek citizen since birth) living with my family in Greece. I know for a fact that independent business owners providing Ad Hoc tech services, have to contribute close to 50% (the first year if operation at least) to taxation. Thats Independent business owner tax, EFKA (health insurance), tax deposit as collateral jesus christ, etc. Its like the government is pushing you to either establish an out of country base for your LLC or else your take home pay will be eg. 1500 euros instead of 3000 euros. Pure tragedy..
    If you are in your right state oof mind, please keep your business and bank accounts out of this place. And I am Greek….