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Covid-requirements to access Greece’s indoor venues for non-EU citizens

Citizens of non-EU countries such as UK, USA, Serbia, Israel and others may enter indoor spaces such as theaters, restaurants, cafes and bars, by showing their vaccination or coronavirus recovery certificate in either digital or paper format, along with an ID, the Greece’s Ministry of Tourism clarified on Wednesday.

The question arose because the certificates for Greek and other EU nationals are checked at the above spaces through the Covid Free GR app, notes state news agency amna.

Last week, a couple from UK, both fully vaccinated, denounced to newspaper that their vaccination certificates are not being recognized by the Covid Free GR application and that they were not allowed to enter indoor venues.

Although their certificates were recognized at the airport gates, it was cleared as “invalid” when they tried to enter six indoor venues in the city of Thessaloniki in northern Greece.

Similar cases were reported by other tourists on the islands, notes the newspaper.

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  1. My partner, who is Greek and vaccinated, traveled in mainland Greece for some days for work. He said at the hotels, the indoor restaurant was full, especially for breakfast and no one checked for vaccine status. He said that was the case everywhere he went. He didn’t know if they were risking it or just not yet organized. Either was it’s concerning.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      because they are hotel guests?

    • I’m not sure that you’ll find a lot of checking going on as I think the police are the ones who allowed to check. If you have concerns it’s probably best to just stay home. No?

  2. I cannot understand why the Commission and the UK government can’t get their act together and make their systems cooperate. Both have a certificate which can be validated electronically through a QR code but they are stored on different databases. Every country in the EU has it’s own medical record system. If the EU can make an App that can validate the records from any EU country it cannot be that hard to make it validate the UK records.

    A quick thought on the poll “Venues access for Vaccinated Only?” I answered “No” but that is because: a) some people will gain immunity through recovering from COVID so they should not be discriminated against and b) not everybody has yet been offered a vaccine so they should have an alternative route, e.g. through testing. Once everybody has been offered a vaccine I would vote “Yes”, again with the proviso of disease acquired immunity also being valid.

  3. @KTG
    Yes, BECAUSE of the Brexit. So GB is in line, sorry to say, with Russia or North Korea. Take it as it is – stop whining. You choose to leave the EU – life with the results!!!!

    • Not everyone chose to leave the EU but we too have to live with the consequences. The politicians ask us to use our common sense whilst having none themselves it would seem. Not recognising vaccination certificates is just Boris’s way of further dividing to conquer. The EU countries leaders have no alternative but to play his silly game or look weak.