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Majority of Greeks trust Covid-vaccines, yet they’d rather see the others get the jab

Nearly two-thirds of Greeks believe getting vaccinated against Covid-19 can beat the pandemic. Most of them favor the mandatory vaccination for certain groups such as healthcare workers, nursing home staff and teachers, a survey showed on Thursday.

The findings come as the government pushes vaccinations by offering cash and other incentives, with the aim of inoculating 70% of the 11 million population by the autumn, compared with 47% at present.

The survey by ALCO, an Athens-based polling company, on behalf of the Athens Medical Association, indicates widespread trust in coronavirus vaccines despite a series of demonstrations in central Athens in recent weeks which have drawn thousands of protesters.

Of those surveyed, 63% said they believed vaccines are “safe” or “very safe,” while 73% were in favor of the mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers and nursing home staff, which the government ordered earlier this month.

However, of those Greeks who have not been vaccinated, as many as 59% said they did not plan to get the shot. Of those, 44% said nothing could change their minds, and 46% said they were against vaccines in general.

One-third of respondents, mostly men aged 17 to 44, said they were not afraid of Covid-19 and were not vaccinated.

Alco surveyed a sample of 800 people aged over 17 by phone between July 19-25. [Reuters, Kathimerini]

PS Result: a big part of Greeks favor vaccinations against Covid-19 as long as it is the others who get a jab.
This reminds me of  polls in previous decades where Greeks would favor an A political party but would say they consider the leader of a B party as most suitable Prime Minister.

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  1. It reminds me of an old jazz record from the 40s by Pee Wee Hunt called “Somebody Else, Not Me”. Each verse describes a situation that needs to be resolved and finishes with the line:

    “That’s a wonderful chance for somebody, somebody else not me”.

    If you like jazz it’s on Youtube.

  2. I’ve been trying for 4 months to get a temporary AMKA so I can be vaccinated. I’ve applied on line, through the Government app, 4 times. I’ve been to my local DimonS & KEP. TO NO AVAIL!

    • Blackirishblonde

      Well Ken…my husband and I got our PAMKA numbers three weeks ago through KEP after many attempts…we were told that in a week we would be hearing about making an appointment through the Pharmacist….nothing yet…but I have hope, at least we FINALLY have a number….KEEP TRYING GO TO ANOTHER KEP

      • You should go and ask the pharmacist to make an appointment.

        • Blackirishblonde

          Molly our number has NOT been activated yet…but I have hope…Pharmacist is checking everyday…KEP called Athens…told they are backlogged and it may be a “few more weeks”……

  3. Well, amount of 800 people doen’t say much. Should be 8.000 instead to say some “common truth”. Nonsense these kinde of “rechearches”. And; PS. It’s not very good journalism to use those ps’s in the news…

    • it is a blog! and I adore the ps’s!! those who can read truly have an advantage

    • This is a news BLOG in English – says so right under the name of the site…
      This person surely spends a lot of time updating it to get news to non-Greek speakers amongst us and, as a blogger, has every right to insert their opinion on their own blog site. If you’re so inclined, read some mainstream Greek news to find the paragon of journalistic excellence and integrity…NOT!

      • Agreed … you said it so well nothing else needs to be said to the unsophisticated!