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Operator denies reports that a transformer explosion caused Varibobi fire

The Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) on Wednesday again denied reports that the fire in the northern suburbs of Athens was started by an explosion in a high voltage power transformer.

According to official sources, such an explosion in IPTO installations would mean that the power lines knocked out by the fire on Tuesday could not have been repaired by the following morning.

They also stressed that an inspection of the network on Wednesday morning had shown that damage to the network was slight and of minor importance.

An investigation into the cause of the fire is being carried out by the fire brigade, the IPTO announcement added.

So far, the Fire Service has not made any announcement on the causes of the fire that broke out in the forest in the foothills of Mt Parnitha and several explosion were heard and seen.

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  1. the major substation in that area is ag. stefanou, which is on the _eastern_ side of kryoneri. the fire didn’t even burn there, much less start there. There’s an interchange north of kryoneri but it doesnt have any big transformers. probably these installations had nothing at all to do with the fires. Moreover if the fires had been anywhere near them they would have almost certainly damaged the lines and caused a significant power outage- the ag. stefanou station is one of the major stations, and the interchange feeds power to all points west, axarnes, elefsina/peiraia/megara and so on.
    but i’m sure many are eager to lay the blame somewhere and stop looking.