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Fire-fighting aircraft crashes on Zakynthos, pilot safe (video)

A PZL firefighting airplane crashed during operations to put out a fire on Zakynthos island on Sunday. The pilot survived.

Media reported that the pilot made an emergency landing on the trees in the Makria Rahi area and managed to get out of the wreck.

A local told Ionian TV that they saw the plane flying extremely low before it crashed nearby.

The aircraft was operating against the fire in Kapelouzo in the Macherado-Koiliomeno area, local media imerazante reported.

The pilot was picked up by other firefighters on the Ionian island.

With a Super Puma, the pilot was transferred to the military hospital in Athens. He reportedly has no injuries.

the reasons of the crash are being investigated.

The crashed aircraft was one of a pair dispatched to assist firefighters in the Macherado-Koiliomeno area, where 24 firefighters were operating with 7 fire trucks.

The fire on Zakynthos was under control on Monday morning.

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