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Greece hits negative record with 4,608 coronavirus cases; geo distribution

Coronavirus cases in Greece hit a negative record on Tuesday with 4,608 new confirmed cases in the past 24 hours. It is the highest number of daily infections since the start of the pandemic in the country.

Health authorities announced on Tuesday also 32 Covid-related deaths in the past 24 hours. The number of intubated Covid-patients in hospitals Intensive Care Units increased further to 326.

The Health Ministry announced earlier today a series of new restrictions and obligations for the unvaccinated citizens regarding their access to work and education, entertainment and culture as well as domestic travel.


Stand: August 23, 2021:


Of the 5,917,139 vaccinated citizens (56,8% of population with at least one dose):

281,702  Partially vaccinated

5,635,437 Fully vaccinated (54.1%)

Vaccinations tracker per region here.

Official coronavirus data, August 24

Tests in the last 24 hours: PCR  23,867 Rapid tests 98,014

Positivity of PCR & Rapid: 3.78%

blue: tests red: positivity


Rt: 1.09 from 1.09 last week.

Since the pandemic began, Greece has confirmed 566,812 infections (daily change: +0.9%). In the confirmed cases of the last 7 days, 170 infections are related to travel abroad and 1923 to other confirmed cases.


Rolling average: 3245 (3165 previous week)

51.1% of the infected are men.

There are 32 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours, the total of pandemic victims to 13,466.  Of these, 95.1% had an underlying condition and/or were 70 years old.

Light blue: intubations pink: deaths


A total of 326 Covid-patients – from 319 a day earlier – are on ventilators in hospitals. Their median age is 65 years. 58.3% are men. 83.1% have an underlying condition and/or are aged 70 or more.

According to EODY, intubated Covid-patients based on age group are:

  • 0-17  :   1
  • 18-39: 12
  • 40-64: 148
  • 65+  : 165

2,926 patients have been discharged from ICUs since the pandemic began.

293 Covid-19 patients were admitted to hospital in the last 24 hours (daily change: +9.74%). The average admission of patients with Covid-19 to hospitals over the last 7 days was 272.

Red: admissions Green: discharges


The median age of new infections is 40 years (range: 0.2 to 106 years), while the median age of the deceased is 78 (range: 0.2 to 106 years).

Geographic distribution August 24

Regional units epidemiological load: last 7 days – infections per 100,000 population.


Of the 4,608 new cases, 19 were detected at the entrance gates of the country and 5 among travelers already in the country.

The remaining cases are:

1096 Attica

402 Thessaloniki

232 Ilia

184 Achaia

161 Heraklio

146 Messinia

128 Kavala

122 Rhodes

114 Kozani

105 Evia

104 Larissa

89 Chania 84 Aitoloakarnania

69 Evros  68 Corfu 60 Rethymno

Each 47 Drama, Pieria

Each 43 Imathia, Fthiotida

42 Corinth 41 Viotia

Each 39 Naxos, Pella

37 Trikala

Each 34 LAsithi, Halkidiki

33 Lefkada

Each 32 Lesvos, MAgnisia, Serres

31 LAkonia

28 Thira

Each 27 Zakynthos, Karditsa, Kilkis, Xanthi

25 Ioannina

Each 23 Kastoria, Preveza

Each 21 thesprotia, Ikaria

20 Florina 19 Arta

Each 18 Kalymnos, Mykonos

Each 16 Arcadia, Samos, Chios

15 Rodopi

Each 13 Argolida, Paros

12 Kos

Each 10 Kefalonia, Andos

9 Sporades 8 Grevena

Each 6 Evrytania, Milos, Syros

5 Limnos

Each 4 Karpathos/Kasos, Tinos, Fokida

3 Ithaki

311 under investigation
Coronavirus Infections Maps to compare
August 24: same as August 23
Greece’s Covid-map of confirmed infections in the last 14 days, based on permanent or temporary residence.
Official data by EODY Daily Report in Greek here.
More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. Highest testing day ever.
    Perfect for highest cases day ever on the day of the announcement of autumn/winter restrictions.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      it’s the Tuesday

      • Yes of course but we’ve had quite a few Tuesdays since the start of the pandemic. This is the highest testing day at any time and the highest cases day at any time.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          … and the point is?? i think we had other days with higher testing. but nevertheless it means: more and more people have symptoms & go for test. If you add the asymptomatic or those who don’t test, infections are much higher.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          and? the point is???

          • There is no other day with higher testing, trust me you won’t find one exceeding 121,881. The previous high was 118.933 on 30th July this year.

            So on the date restrictions are announced we get the highest cases.

            I am no conspiracy theorist whatsoever, but I’m not a coincidence theorist either.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            “I am no conspiracy theorist” it’s the others they believe I am since I keep setting traps here all the time using this one single argument over and over again

  2. The work you must put in to produce such an amazing blog is absolutely phenomenal and truly appreciated. I look forward to you reminding everyone that the low figures on Sunday & Monday will be as a result of the low testing. Seriously – thank you for everything you do.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      it’s rather because of labs submitting results from testing on Sat, Sun and early Mon with delay. that’s why every Tue cases are higher. What’s impressing is the highest number of PCR tests ever on a ‘day.’ – but you missed that very important point to match your narrative.

      • 23,867 is not the highest ever PCR daily testing.

        2nd March 2021 26,693

        5th March 2021 26,171

        11th May 2021 26,117

        23rd February 2021 25,131

        13th April 2021 24,958

        17th March 2021 24,721

        6th April 2021 24,543

        27th April 2021 24,488

        3rd March 2021 24,435

        23rd March 2021 24,081

        So yesterday didn’t make the top 10.