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Femicide in Thessaloniki: Murderer commits suicide while in custody

Τhe suspect for the murder of his partner in Thessaloniki beginning of the week, has committed suicide while in custody in Police Headquarters in Thessaloniki, northern Greece.. The 56-year-old Georgian woman was the latest victim of femicide in the country.

The 48-year-old man was found dead in his cell at the detention center on Thursday morning.

Police sources told media that he had  hanged himself, using bandages he wore on his hand due to a prior injury.

A prosecutor had charged him with premeditated homicide, illegal possession and use of firearms, violence against officers (for resisting arrest) and giving false evidence.

The suspect, a Georgian national, was scheduled to present his testimony on Friday.

The man was arrested several hours after his partner was found beaten and stabbed to death in her apartment after a violent argument.
It was neigbors hwo called the police but the perpetrator had already fled the crime scene jumping off the balcony.
He was arrested in a plot several hours later, while he was trying to set on fire several personal items, including the victim’s ID.

The woman was the ninth victim of femicide in Greece since the beginning of 2021.

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