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Woman with syringe stuck on her arm runs away from vaccination center in Athens

A ludicrous incident took place in a vaccination center in Attica, when a woman started running after she received the vaccine with the syringe stuck on her arm.

During the vaccination procedure on Friday, the 61-year-old woman told the nurse to inject also a homeopathic substance she had brought with.

Both the nurse and the supervising doctor told her that this was impossible and suddenly the woman started running outside the center with the syringe still stuck on her arm, with the health personnel running after her.

The woman quickly got on the car where her husband was waiting with the engine on. However, the nurse was also quick, put her hand in the open window and removed the syringe from the woman’s arm.

In the heat of the moment, though, the nurse removed part of it, as the needle remained stuck on the woman’s arm.

The car left the area in high speed.

Short time later, the woman returned to the vaccination center in Metamorphosis, western Athens.

She said that she was fine and handed over to nurse and doctor the needle of the syringe.

The woman wanted to have both doses of the vaccine plus have injected the unknown substance she claimed her own doctor who practices homeopathy had given her.

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  1. I doubt if it was really a “mystery” substance, it was almost certainly pure water. The dilution ratios used in homeopathy are so extreme there wouldn’t be a single atom left of whatever was used initially. Of course it is “very special” water because it can “remember” the initial ingredient. Perhaps I should drink more water, it might improve my memory?

  2. More and more crazies keep appearing.