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UPD Toddler girl abandoned outside the Archaeological Museum in Athens (video)

A baby girl in a stroller was abandoned in the courtyard of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens on Sunday morning. A resident of the Exarchia district was walking her dogs when she spotted the baby alone behind the palm trees.

The woman informed the museum guard and he alerted the police.

The girl, estimated to be two years old, was taken to the Children’s Hospital Agia Sofia in Athens. Medical examination showed that the toddler was in good health and tested negative to Covid-19.

The guard told media, that the little girl was “warm” and “looked serious” and smiled a bit when one policeman took her in his arms.

The girl was found short before 9 o’ clock on Sunday morning.

According to investigation, so far, nobody seems to have seen who abandoned the baby girl.

Police is looking for the toddler’s mother or parents or even relatives in the wider area.

UPDATE: On footage from security cameras, police has spotted a man pushing a stroller with a baby into the premises of the museums short time before the child was found.


Police is seeking the parents of African origin.

Estimated to be 1.5 years old, the baby was well-cared of, food and diapers were left in the stroller.

The baby is still in Children’s Hospital in Athens on Monday.

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  1. The good thing is that the baby girl is live and in a good health condition. I am happy that the person who left the baby girl was a good one and didn’t put her at risk.

  2. What is “UPD”?