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Greece introduces mandatory PCR test to all travelers from abroad UPDATE2

Greece Health Ministry announced on Wednesday evening that all travelers will have to show a mandatory negative PCR test. The measure affects all travelers, whether they are vaccinated against Covid-19 or not and independently of the country of departure.

Only exception is for travelers from Greece who have been in a foreign country for less that 48 hours.

The PCR test must have been carried out 48 hours before.

The measure goes into effect at 6:00 a.m. Sunday, December 19, 2021.

UPDATE2 Friday morning (Dec 17) Greece published the new travel rules regarding PCR and RAPID test  in the Official Gazette – All details on KTG in English here.

UPDATE: Meanwhile Greece changes again the travel rules, four time in 24 hours, and now allows also Rapid Test. Check here on KTG the latest changes (Thursday evening, Dec 16) of travel rules

In a press release the Greek Health Ministry said that the measure is in the context of the effort to control the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

Before expanding the measure to all travelers from all countries, the Health Ministry had reportedly announced that the mandatory PCR test would be for travelers from UK and Denmark only. An hour later, the Ministry decided to implement the measure to travelers form all countries.

Greece seems to follow the example of Italy that decided to implement the same measure mandatory PCR test a day earlier.

Governments seem horrified by the Omicron variant and Greece is among the first to take measures.

According to latest media information, another 5 cases of suspected Omicron variant have been detected in the country, bring the total number of Omicron infections to ten. More on a separate post.

Despite a recent stabilization of new infections, the number of Covid-related deaths and intubations remains alarmingly high.

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  1. Well I’m not taking booster shot then. I got my jab to be able to travel freely. That was social agreement I accepted. Now the gov is spitting on that and on people who trasted them and got the shot. So from now on concider me as antivaxxer, bravo sou! By violating social agreement they proved there is no point to trust them even a bit! Malakas…

  2. This is not them against us. We’re all fighting against the virus 😉

    • Well said Martin
      MG, you are just taking a knee jerk reaction to things being introduced to try and keep us safe here. Don’t get the booster then and be excluded from most places, your choice.