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Sexual abuse of children in Athens orphanage; Ministry files lawsuit

Horror in orphanage in downtown Athens: Workers forced children aged 7 to 11 to sexual acts which they observed and possibly also filmed. Deputy Labor Minister Domna Michailidou revealed the shocking abuse of young boys in the orphanage facility.

“There were sexual acts between boys aged 7-11 and the staff was watching,” Michailidou told media adding that the workers who forced the children were women.

She said that she had received a written complaint by three people related to the orphanage about the unprecedented incidents in the facility. She added that she immediately started an investigation on the matter, froze the state funding of the facility and filed a lawsuit at the public prosecutors’ office.

Experts examined the children one by one and four of them were taken to a children hospital in Athens “in a neutral environment so that we can understand what has happened,” Michailidou told Ant1 TV on Thursday morning.

She added that these children had been removed from their families by prosecutor’s order.

The deputy labor minister said also that one more investigation against the facility is pending due to previous denouncement that the orphanage was hosting a higher number of children than foreseen. The explanations by the head of the institution were not sufficient.

She also revealed that there has been also a lawsuit about “babies trafficking” against the same private facility.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the orphanage is located in downtown Athens.

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  1. what troubles me is that this disgusting state, has the audacity to take children from their families and then place them into a private facility. This should be a responsibility of the state. Now the state is prosecuting to disassociate itself from these crimes.

    The real crime is that this incompetent Hellenic State has allowed this to happen through it’s incompetence.

    Who are the public officials responsible for these children? Will they be prosecuted too? I somehow doubt it.

  2. What a sick people. Abuse of the most vulnerable in society should receive the severest punishment.

  3. This made me sick to my stomach. Those children will always carry around that trauma.