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Two-month-old baby girl abandoned in backpack in northern Athens

A two-month old baby girl was abandoned in a backpack at a playground in Chalandri suburb of northern Athens on Wednesday afternoon. The baby was found by a police officer assigned with the protection of a lawmaker.

Footage from security cameras in the area show a person carrying the bag and making two rounds before leaving it at the playground. the person was wearing a hood and a mask as well as several layers of dark clothes.

Video: obtained exclusively by newsbomb.gr

Police information reportedly suggests that it was a woman who abandoned the baby, probably the mother. The woman. however, had alternated her figure and was dressed with several clothes layers in an attempt to pretend that she was a man.

According to media reports, the officer heard the crying and went check the backpack that was half open. The baby was reportedly well dressed with pants, cap, socks and other clothes to avoid getting cold and clean.
Alpha TV reported that inside the bag was also a piece of paper with printed “My name is Vasiliki.”
The baby was taken with an ambulance to a children’s hospital Agia Sophia in Athens. Doctors who examined the baby girl said that it was approximately two months old and very healthy.
In an effort to identify the child’s parents, the bag and the baby’s clothes have been sent to the Forensic Division of the Greek Police.
Police investigates in the nearby area of Evoia &  Viotia but also in hospitals in case the baby was born in a facility.
End of November a baby girl was abandoned in a stroller outside the National Museum in downtown Athens. Even thought security cameras caught a man pushing the stroller, there have been no news in the media that the parents were identified, so far.

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  1. How very sad, glad the child was found very quickly and taken into care, but wonder what makes a parant take such drastic action!