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Vaccination certificate valid for 7 months as of Feb 1, says Greece’s Health Minister

From February 1, those who have completed seven months after their basic vaccination against Covid-19 and have not taken the booster shot will be considered as unvaccinated, Greece’s Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced on Sunday.

The measure will apply to all adults over 18 years old and not only to those aged 60 and over as it is valid today, the minister added. He had pre-announced the measure on Jan 5, however, without specifying the date of its implementation.

Speaking to Ant1 TV, Plevirs said that there are enough vaccination appointments available for those who have completed the basic vaccination but not the booster shot and therefore they have time to proceed with the third dose until February 1, 2022.

“From February 1, [the measure] will apply to all adults and not only to those aged 60 and over, who while eligible and can, have not received the booster shot,” the minister stressed.

“From February 1, the vaccination certificate and the benefits it offers such as entrance to restaurants and other indoor spaces will cease to be valid if 7 months have passed after the second dose of the vaccine,” he said.

He noted that those who are entitled, but have not yet received the booster shot are about 500,000 citizens.

Regarding the duration of the European Green certificate, Plevirs said that it will not be affected and will continue to be valid for 9 months, however, this only applies to travel abroad and will not be accepted for entry into indoor restaurants and other enclosed spaces in Greece.


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  1. This is just fascism, time to leave Greece.

  2. Fortunatly this law won’t have time to be implemented because by 1st of february most of the people will have had Omicron and recover from it without difficulty ! What then will be the point of a third dose of an Alpha based vaccin ? Try again an other time authoritarian zealous !

  3. Frank Marella Olsen

    Do you know if the 7 months is valid also for foreigners that stay over the winter and for foreign tourists ?

  4. So, is there going to be a 2 month “window” when a pass allows you to travel all over Europe but doesn’t allow you to get a coffee or a meal in Greece ??
    Makes sense to me /s.

  5. This article doesn’t say but I have been advised by a vaccination centre that the Johnson vaccination is only valid for 4 months. This is a changed to the original policy and has caught many people. I am considered unvaccinated until our booster which is on 18 January

    • Does 3 vaccinations not count? Some of us got the third dose in December and January. Is that to say that we can not enter Greece after August 2022? Do we have to get a 4th vaccine? If so, where is it possible to get it?

  6. Well just went to the Bank…I had my J and J vaccine on August 22nd…..due to have my Booster the middle of February…..My EU Digital Certificate code said “Invalid”……any suggestions as to why? Not allowed into the Bank….

    • keeptalkinggreece

      what did the bank tell you? negative Rapid?

    • FearAndLoathingInGreece

      I believe foreign j&j jabs are only valid here for a shorter time. I have the same problem, it was valid for a couple of months but not the full six. So wonder if I get fined now 100 each month. Its all a big mess, to put fines on a broken system is horrible. I can’t get jabbed in time due to paperwork and large waiting list.

  7. Went to KEP, there was a woman outside who worked there…she looked at my papers and told me to come inside with her…they scanned my code three times and just couldn’t understand why …..they actually had to call someone to check because I received J and J here on August 22nd, immune September 1st.. the NEW rule for J and J is THREE MONTHS….they just shook their heads, they had no idea, then told me I had to go to the Pharmacy for a Rapid Test to come back to make an appointment for my Booster…went to My Pharmacist who just shook his head and made my appointment himself for January 24th…..I need to have a Rapid Test BEFORE I go get my booster….I have no idea what vaccine, but at this point I don’t care…..I want to scan GREEN again!
    p.s. Yes Rapid Test done at Pharmacy so I could go to the Bank