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Greece to repay €8.45 million to NATO agency for firefighting support

The Greek Parliament on Thursday voted an amendment submitted by the Climate Crisis and Civil Protection approving the repayment of more than eight million euros to the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) for providing firefighting support to Greece between 2011 and 2016.

The debt, totaling 8,457,481.64 euros, concerns administrative costs, technical, flight and logistical support and maintenance of firefighting aircraft of Greece’s Fire Brigade, as well as firefighting services, through the lease of water-dropping helicopters.

Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Christos Stylianides thanked lawmakers for showing consensus.

“It ends a chronic problem that has plagued the country since 2011 and hampered the country’s ability to properly prepare in the critical sector of forest firefighting, through the timely lease of the necessary aircraft,” Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Christos Stylianides reportedly said in a statement.

The Minister has been visiting Luxembourg for talks with the NATO NSPA.

“It was a landmine in the foundations of aerial firefighting for the country, a constant pending issue, which was finally settled.”

Stylianides said the move has “strengthened Greece’s negotiating position” as it engages in new talks with NSPA on leasing aircraft for the next three to five years are taking place.

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  1. The USA have always been such partners, who need to be paid in order to negotiate something with them. This is a prerequisite when it comes to help and support from them. They have already approved more than once that they are ready to do something for us in case of their benefit is obvious. It seems they don’t hide their cynical attitude towards us and enjoy the trust of our authorities.
    In my opinion, it would better to spend these funds to support our healthcare system which is under enormous pressure due to the pandemic. To be more precisely, these funds should go to support our medical staff. They are working for wear and tear at the moment to save our lives and our healthy! And speaking about extinguishing fires, it’s necessary to support our firemen and rescuers. They saved us risking their lives last summer! They deserve gratitude and support from the state!

    NATO won’t impoverish without our money! Too much money has been spent on them lately. And what do we get from them in return?

    • You get a lot of help when you really need it, dont you?? Should not the men and women who helps you get anything for it? Or do you really think someone else should pay for the assistance you so desperately needed???