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Greece lifts some restrictions in entertainment, sports, school activities

Greece will lift some more restrictions as of upcoming weekend following the recommendation of the epidemiologists’ committee that met today to evaluate the coronavirus load and a list of requests by the government in the direction of relaxing Covid-measures.

According to a statement issued by the Health Ministry on Wednesday evening the lifting of restrictions refers to entertainment and sports events as well as some school activities.

The lifting of restriction is the following:

From Saturday, February 19, 2022

standing customers will be allowed in restaurants, cafe, bars and entertainment venues.

capacity in stadiums increases from 10% today to 50%. However, this is exclusively for vaccinated citizens.

Regarding excursion for students, one-day excursions will be allowed to start on Monday, February 21, and multy-day ones on March 1.

Teleworking in the private and public sector will be decreased to 20% from 50% currently.

perts gave the “green light” to allow those standing in the restaurants and entertainment centers, to increase the capacity of the stadiums, while the school trips will start again. Instead, they said “no” to holding carnival events.

The country’s epidemiologists rejected the request for allowing carnival events.

The Committee is scheduled to meet again tomorrow, Thursday, to consider so-called “individual requests”. Among others, they will reportedly re-evaluate whether carnival events with limited participation of vaccinated citizens and in closed spaces only would be possible. They insist to the ban of carnival parades, though, as they take place outdoors and control is impossible.

Based on what media report, the Committee has not decided – or has rejected? – the government request for lifting the mandatory use of masks outdoors.

Nevertheless, more details will be clear, when the relevant joint ministerial decision is published in the official gazette.

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  1. Limited participation of vaccinated persons indoors….for a carnival? Surely outdoors is safer!!! Fresh air and sunshine (hopefully). But they have banned large numbers from congregating….so carnivals (along with protests) are not allowed. Incredible.

    • Average citizen with concerns

      But we get more money from drinks, eats and entry prices indoors. Haven’t you worked it out yet,?