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New Democracy expels MEP for “discrediting Greece” with gov’t critical posts

Greece’s conservative New Democracy expelled from the ruling party MEP Giorgos Kyrtsos on Friday, following a decision by ND Political Committee secretary Pavlos Marinakis. ND expelled the MEP because his posts on social media “discredit Greece,” the party said in a statement.

“Mr. Kyrtsos, who was elected with ND’s ballot with a mandate to promote the Greek position in the European Parliament, is doing exactly the opposite with his posts. He is discrediting the country worldwide by questioning the independence of Greek justice and comparing Greece with countries that violate the rule of law. His stance is insulting for all those that trusted him to represent them. Any criticism of the government was tolerated, even if they exceeded the limits. There can be no tolerance, however, for defaming the country,” said a the ND announcement.

69-year-old Kytsos reacted saying that he was expelled because he challenged the party leadership by questioning and criticizing the dealing of crucial issues like the pandemic, the energy prices, the “covering up of the Novartis scandal.”

The former journalist and publisher did not seem to have been particularly annoyed saying that he has been critical in the last 15 months of the pandemic. He posted that he was warned several times that he would be expelled if he would continue to criticize the dealing with the pandemic by Mitsotakis government.

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