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Drop in deaths and intubations do not signify end of the pandemic

The recent decline in the number of Covid-related deaths and intubations do not signify the end of the pandemic, the president of the National Vaccination Committee, Maria Theodoridou, warned on Monday.

“Experts are skeptical about when the pandemic will end. Historically, each pandemic has a different outcome and it is noted that many more chapters remain to be written in the book of the Covid pandemic,” she said during a press briefing on Monday.

Theodoridou added that the Vaccination Committee is considering the 4th dose of vaccination for seniors as “due to aging they are at higher risk to get serious ill with Covid-19.

She ruled out the 4th dose of vaccines for the general population.

However, she did not clarify the age boundaries of “seniors.”

Demand for vaccinations with Novavax is not the expected one.IT should be recalled that scientists and health authorities had hoped that the protein Novavax would have anti-vaxxers change their minds and increase the onnoculation rate in the population.

1,640 citizens have received Novavax since its use started on March 5, another 1,540 have made a booking, secretary general for Primary Health Care, Marios Themistokleous said at the same briefing. .

Speaking about the general vaccination program in the country, Themistokleous said that the rate of Greeks who have received at least one vaccine dose is 75%, similar to the corresponding one in the European Union.

Of the 6,627,000 eligible for booster shot, 95.7% have either received it or have make a booking for it, he added.

Finally he announced that the weekly briefing on the vaccination program will be scrapped and the progress will be announced only from time to time and when there is an announcement by the Health Ministry.

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  1. There is not a single Novavax appointment available in Thessaloniki since March 5. That probably also has an effect on nobody booking appointments.

  2. Looks as though i was mistaken, as I seem to recall that Maria Theodoridou was a little more hopeful a few weeks back. My bad…. Thanks for the info on Novavax.

  3. Finally he announced that the weekly briefing on the vaccination program will be scrapped…
    – They finally state something worth while –

  4. NOVAVAX? I didn’t know it had arrived. Poor communication! Plus it was not to be used as a booster. so they said. What is the present status? And what else is coming soon? AZ user wanting old style booster.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they have announced it long ago & we reported about it. Your bad.

      • Yes, it was supposed to be available from.march 1st. but as you reported, it’s arrival was delayed.
        Talked to pharmacist today and was told “No booster necessary after 2 AZ doses. 3rd dose only for pfizer / moderna. ”
        Totally confused.
        Expired certificate.
        No booster available

  5. This is ridiculous. People are not allowed to visit shops or sit outside in cafes, because it is extremely dangerous and people are dying! But goverment can not be bothered to hold weekly meetings to inform us about the danger.