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Supermarkets put purchase limit on vegetable oils, flour and sugar

Supermarkets in Greece have introduced limits on the number of packages a consumer can buy of several vegetable oils and flours. Sunflower- and sweetcorn-oil, flour and since Thursday also sugar are the products on the list of limited purchase due to the war in Ukraine and the price increases.

  • As all media and TV channels reported about the limits today, it is a matter of hours that people rush to empty the shelves and stock these products, fearing the worst. Even people who hardly fry with vegetable oils or bake.

While, the measure was first introduced for the online purchase from these supermarket chains, that have a small share in grocery sales, meanwhile it has reached also their stores as well as cash & carry where customers buy with physical presence.

  • Further price rises are expected in bread from next Monday, as a baker told Alpha TV on Thursday. A loaf of bread of estimated 340gr, sold at an average of 0.70 cents two month ago and 0.90 since the war started in Ukraine is to rise to 1.30 euros, the baker said.

The war has mostly affected the sunflower oil and flour production very ηigh prices of wheat with some traders to say that shortages have already emerged in such products, even thought the Development Minister has said that there is enough stock in vegetable oils, cereals and flour “for a couple of months.”

One of Greece’s leading supermarket chain Sklavenitis has reportedly limited the purchase to four packages for all purpose flours including its house brand and other popular brands of flour products. There is also a limit on special-offer packs of popular types of flour, up to two per order. There is a similar ceiling of four items on sunflower oil orders. Since Wednesday, there is a limit also on sugar (house brand or other) with four packages per customer.

The e-store of the Mymarket chain has also set a limit of four bottles of sunflower oil per order for up to 2-liter bottles, while in some cases regarding 5-liter containers, consumers may buy no more than one item.

Online orders at AB Vassilopoulos have limits set for specific types of flour, with one famous brand’s products being restricted to just two items. In sunflower oil there are seven products that are no longer available to order, while in three products there limits on orders.

  • Α friend told me on Thursday evening that shelves with sunflower – and sweetcorn-oil were empty at AB in a south suburb of Athens. Customers could only purchase 3 items from each sort.

Supermarket chain Kritikos has put the limit for sunflower oil, flour and sugar to 5 packages also in its stores.

The reduced stock has been accompanied by price hikes too, with sunflower oil rising 4.69% in 20 days and flour adding 7.81%.

According to some media, taverns and souvlaki grills are considering to take off their menus “fried” delicacies like zucchinis, what-ever balls etc due to the oil prices.

Now every Greek who respects himself asks:

  • What will happen to our beloved French Fries deep-fried in sunflower oil?

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  1. I just wonder whether Ukraine is the only market that provides Greece with cereals and oil.
    I guess the war is not the only reason for this disorder in the global market.

  2. don’t worry, Mitsotakis will make a special law to punish the bakers for charging higher prices, and then go to Brussels to agree stupid measures to Punish Putin and make sure that our ‘solidarity’ with Ukranians is to pay more for everything to Russia, I assume (In Roubles) LOL

    Our leaders are a comedy, caught with their ideological ‘pants down’