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Just 14% of unvaccinated over 60 have paid the fine; debtors threatened with assets confiscation

Only 14 percent of unvaccinated Greeks aged over 60 have paid the administrative fine imposed by the government in January, according to data from the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE).

Holdouts were fined 100 euros a month (in January the fine was 50 euros as the measure went into effect mid-month) in a bid to boost lagging inoculation levels and ease pressure on healthcare amid the coronavirus pandemic.

However, of the 317,962 individuals notified by tax authorities to pay the fine, only 44,000 had done so by the March 15 deadline.

The rest have been included in the list of overdue debtors and surcharges are already “running”. In fact, in the next period, the tax administration will initiate the relevant procedures provided by law for all debtors, ie confiscation of assets even for a debt of 50 euros, Skai reported.

In the coming days, the deadline for payment of the fine (February) for those who still ignore the decisions and laws on vaccination expires.

The ministerial decision for the fine states that it is challenged in court by bringing an action before the ordinary courts. In case of dispute over the imposition of a fine due to non-obligation of vaccination or the existence of a legal reason for exemption from this obligation, instructions are provided via

Last week the Health Ministry announced that the fine for unvaccinated over 60 will end as of April 15. Minister Thanos Plevris has been stressing again and again that the fine is not being abolished but suspended until the end of summer -clearly implying “when the tourists have come and gone.”

He has ruled out the write-off of the debt for unvaccinated that totals 300 euros from January 15 to April 15.

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  1. Marcelis Vanmechelen

    I have a question, not really on-topic, but corona-related, as I lost track of the current measures. When I come to Greece, can I enter a restaurant (or eat outside in a restaurant), when I have a EU Digital Certificate to enter the country? I am vaccinated 8 months ago, so am allowed to travel into Greece with this Digital Certificate. But will I also be allowed to eat out, without doing a test everytime?
    It would be very strange if my jab is good enough to enter the country, but not good enough to go and have diner.

  2. These punitive measures are just pure evil. The government needs to take a hard look to the rest of the world how the epidemic has been dealt with success and adapt accordingly.