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“EastMed is alive and kicking,” says Greek FM Dendias

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias rejected the idea that the EastMed gas pipeline is dead and claimed the project is “alive and kicking.” The Greek FM made this statement at the Delphi Economic Forum on Saturday and in response to a relevant statement by Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs of the United States Victoria Nuland.

“The EastMed is alive and kicking,” said Dendias, adding that the main concerns of the United States with the endeavor are its financial viability and the projected length of the project.

He said he believed that Nuland’s comments were solely referring to the failure of the EastMed to provide a solution to the current crisis.

Nuland tells Greece and Cyprus: “No time or money for gas pipelines”

The minister stressed that people have over-interpreted US intentions and given them a geopolitical meaning, where there is none. He said that strong US support for the EuroAsia Interconnector, which is planned along the same route as the EastMed, is a strong indicator that there is no geopolitical element to the views expressed by Nuland, daily kathimerini and other media report..

Dendias highlighted the strong US support for the trilateral cooperation framework between Greece, Cyprus, and Israel, actively engaging in the so-called “3+1” framework.

EastMed Project

Casus belli

Dendias also discussed the recent statement by the US State Department that the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey would serve American interests. He explained that the US government is pressured by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but that does not mean Greece will cease its cautious approach to its neighbor.

“Until Turkey retracts its casus belli, Greece cannot celebrate Turkish rearmament,” he said, adding that they could potentially be used against it.

Dendias once again reaffirmed Greece’s position that the standing Turkish casus belli is unacceptable and must be retracted. He stated that in a framework of international law, the threat of war must be condemned.

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  1. She said it before the crisis, the USA wont allow us cheap gas then and it has reaffirmed that position, we only get expensive ‘fracked’ LNG bought at market prices from the USA or Qatar.

    Get used to paying up for our leaders being poodles to the Americans. Everything seems to be going to plan for the Americans and Denidas can only say it isn’t so.

  2. kissinger sold cyprus down the river to the turks back in the 70s. ever since successive greek gorvnments keep on acting like if only theyre good enough lap dogs then maybe the master will throw us a favor… wake up folks! being the junior partner, or just a pawn, in someone else’s empire games, never pays (except to some corrupt members of the ruling class who get some rewards for enforcing the empire’s will)

  3. This statement by the Sate Department also , thank goodness, ” fell short of explicitly supporting the deal.” “The proposed sale will require a Congressional notification if the Department of State were to approve it,” it added. More than 50 US lawmakers urged to reject Ankara’s purchase due to “vast human rights abuses”

    Trump has done enough damage supporting autocrats while alienating allies than for Biden administration to happy talk horror like an equally naïve happy talk idealist like Obama praising Greece’s financial sacrifices. America must wake up and stop arming its future adversaries, like it did the Taliban.

    America did not remove nukes from Turkish soil in fear of offending the Turks who are NATO a member, using its affiliation to play Russia after shooting down one of its planes. America is not being solid if it remotely aligns its interests with Turkey who is an adversary of the West’s very frontier, more recently moving a trial to Saudi Arabia.

    Note also:
    “The State Department letter, first reported by Reuters, is dated March 17 and signed by the agency’s top legislative official Naz Durakoglu.” (Durakoğlu is first generation Turkish-American)