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Greece’s Health Minister redefines “Covid-19 deaths”

Greece’s Health Minister Thanos Plevris said that the protocol for recording deaths from coronavirus is being redefined. The National Health Care Organization EODY will record Covid-19 deaths according to some criteria such as a positive test, pneumonia and respiratory infection and calculate the pandemic deaths accordingly.,

Plevris said that Greece has been following the Covid-19 deaths recording model used by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“When someone has contracted COVID, even when the cause of death is not the coronavirus and they just tested positive, then it is recorded as a COVID death,” the minister said.

He added that “now, in the deaths recording we will report how many of them are due to COVID and how many are due to another cause, but the people had contracted COVID-19.”

Plevris has often come under fire for thousands of coronavirus deaths, and he now wants to have the responsibility off his own shoulders.

“So we didn’t have an increase in deaths, just the percentage of deaths from May onward, combined with incidents that were from any cause and had COVID as well,” he said.

“These data will be analyzed and we will continue to report the deaths, while the proof of what we are saying is that there was no increase in the number of intubated patients,” he added.

What is true in Greece?

According to Greece’s system, if one patient is tested positive one is admitted to a Covid-unit, and if one dies of whatever reason, one is registered as Covid-19 death.

For example, a death by heart arrest is recorded as Covid-death, even if the victim was diagnosed with Covid-19 kater and was not treated for Covid.

Most countries in Europe do not follow the WHO definition and separate deaths to those directly caused by Covid or by another reason but patients were tested positive.not.

In Greece, if a person is hospitalized for any condition (eg heart attack) and then tests positive for the coronavirus and eventually dies, then it is recorded as COVID death, even though the person did not die form the virus.

With the changes announced by the Minister, the health institutions where patients end up in Covid-clinics will now be asked to report the causes of death separately, e.g. heart attack, stroke, Covid-19, pneumonia, heart arrest, end-stage cancer, multiple organ failure, etc.

It is possible that a patient was in critical condition from an illness and contracted the coronavirus by coincidence.

The death may not have been caused by the virus, but what will ultimately determine the registration of his death from coronavirus is not only the positive test but also the severe pneumonia and infection for which the patient sought treatment in the hospital, Minister Plevris said.


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  1. Some fans are on the pitch…They think it’s all over…..

    • So you think that somebody who dies in a car accident, but co-incidentally tested positive the day before should be recorded as a covid-victim? Because that’s what happened until now (also in Belgium by the way). The new method is much more correct, but of course it’s not good for the fear spreading terrorists of the state-controlled media

      • Even worse, when they die in a crash “then” get blood tested and it is positive, it is a Covid death, Thank EU policy for reimbursing all members based on Covid loss/expenses from a money printing fund, once members realised italy was getting the most after early deaths, they all upped their numbers!