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Crete nightmare: German family chased by locals (videos)

A German family experienced the sheer horror in Mylopotamos on the island of Crete when their car was chased by two locals on a vehicle who considered as an “insult” the fact their vehicle was overtaken by the tourists.

The tourists, a father and his three children aged 20-27, were not only chased and their car was damaged, they were also beaten and threatened with a knife.

The perpetrators were reportedly two local breeders and friends.

The unprecedented incident took place in Mylopotamos by Rethymno on Friday morning, August 19, 2022.

Μυλοπόταμος: Θεώρησαν προσβολή την προσπέραση από τουρίστες και έγινε το έλα να δεις με καταδίωξη

The tourists escaped the worst when other locals intervened and helped them get out of the area of living cavemen.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the German family was driving on the road of the village Perama by Mylopotamos, when they legally overtook a local farm vehicle.

“Apparently because the locals considered it an insult that a rental car with ‘foreigners’ overtook them, they sped up and crashed into the car on purpose.”

They did it again and again and the chase ensued for some time, over a distance of 2 kilometers.

According to ERT report, at some point the rural vehicle stopped next to the car with the tourists, the driver opened the door and knocked on the door of the co-passenger and started punching him through the window. At first the young man was shocked and then tried to protect himself, while his brother got out of the car and hit the enraged rancher in order to protect his brother.

The situation got out of control when the passenger of the rural vehicle got out of the car holding a knife with a 20-cm-long blade.

The frightened tourists tried to move away. The two breeders, however, continued to pursue them and “pound” the rented vehicle, for a distance of two kilometers, that is, up to the center of Perama that was crowded at that time.

The driver of the rural vehicle found himself in front of the rented vehicle and literally “climbed” backwards into the stopped vehicle with the family in a state of absolute terror, facing immediate danger to their lives.

Eventually, residents of Perama intervened and helped the German family leave the area.

The two perpetrators fled. According to local media, they have been identified as two men aged 36 and 38. However, they have not been arrested, so far, with the deadline for their immediate arrest and imprisonment to have expired at midnight Saturday.

Police has reportedly footage of the frantic pursuit, that demonstrates the driver’s desperation to escape his pursuers and protect his family.

The German family filed a lawsuit at the local police station.

The family sent a video of the demolished car to

“To consider Crete as a safe place, I expect the immediate arrest of the perpetrators and to be charged with attempted murder,” one of the victims, Chris told ERT reporter on Sunday.

The young man said it the whole thing was “very scary!”

IT seems that the situation got out of control after the local car crashed on the rented vehicle and the German father asked the data of the locals.

ERT and other local media speak of an “incredible and embarrassing case for Crete and Greece.”

In a thread in Greek, a local from Mylopotamos blames local authorities, police and justice for tolerating “delinquent behavior” on the island of Crete.

“The first and main victims of the criminal behavior of a small minority of Cretans are the Cretans themselves. These behaviors are tolerated by the authorities throughout time. Police and judges.

There are many examples where drug dealers, murderers, knife-wielders and other black-shirted criminals have been cleared with the intervention of the political rulers. The common people, all the rest of us Cretans have nowhere to turn to,” he notes among others.

The thread concludes saying “Don’t put all Cretan in one bag. The vast majority of us are a quiet and hospitable people and it is no coincidence that many, Greeks and foreigners,  choose the island to live their lives here.”

PS But it’s certainly no coincidence that Crete tops Greece’s list on animals abuse.

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  1. Cretans are not cruel but hot tempered. One might even argue that it is personalities like these that delayed the German’s Operation Mercur into the winter and cause them to lose World War Two.

  2. Not far from Zoniana which is pretty much the drugs and crime capital of Crete. It’s not that long ago when the police sent a squad to raid the village and they were held off and driven back in a gun battle with the locals. When they finally got into the village in a second and much bigger raid they found all the ATMs that had been ripped out of banks around the island. The drug industry up there is quite closely tied in with the UÇK who run drugs through the Balkans into Italy where they feed into the Mafia. The UÇK provide a lot of the protection and are armed with the latest NATO grade small arms complements of the west during the late 1990s. Definitely people you don’t want to mess with.

    • “The crime rate on Crete is much lower than in other Southern European countries such as Spain and Italy. Theft is much less prevalent than in Britain. Locals frequently do not lock their cars and doors, harking back to more innocent times for many British people.”

  3. German news service NTV tells a slightly different, nevertheless disturbing, story.
    According to them the car of the family was (accidently) touched by the perpetrators car, who continued without stopping.
    The family went on hot pursuit. Probably overtaking the perpetrators car in the course (my guess). After that the story is the same as reported here.

  4. michele lavender

    Jack,the “hot tempers” need to be tempered by the law and police for they are unwanted, out of date and out of tolerance.So if this episode was not cruel then what was it?it didnt bring joy to the tourists who drop their money on Crete did it.It was another occasion,opportunity,for the Cretan male to flex and display its manliness,virility and its perpetual glued adherance to guns,knives,money and its matcho past history and lets not forget the debt we all owe them for saving us from an even bigger more intense world war two.

    • Deflecting to money from tourism is a traditional threat not of Greek origin, the strapping brutes in the above clip above is defiantly dressed in black sporting short sleeved arms while crying victim when they sought to pass or outnumber who they claim was the perpetrator.

      There is more to this overly sensationalized story by the international media’s incorrect facts. Greece is hypersensitive to violent crime, usually instigated by tourists as we can see, and they would have otherwise surely been charged. This story is providing only half the picture by these foreigners till trying to look macho or bully through the authorities after poetic justice was served to their own cowardly and shameless aggression.

  5. from my experience , east of belgrad it is mostly the fault of the foreign driver. If he hadn’t come to this country, there would have been no problem.

  6. After watching the interviews of the two sons on youtube I would say they are an English family, or maybe they change citizenship to German.

  7. I am a German, living in Greece for 31 years. Working and paying taxes here. My koumbaros comes from the area in reference. I think it was some kind of misunderstanding. Snooty Germans meet tipsy Cretan rural population. They had to know which area they are going. Zoniana is close. I can imagine the stupid German faces. Έπρεπε να ξέρουν σε ποια περιοχή πάνε.

  8. When snooty Germans meet tipsy Cretans, that’s what happens.

    • michele lavender

      Jens….they were not GERMAN,its irrelevant anyway and Jens…..its illegal to threaten any nationality,snooty or not with a knife,being snooty does not give any one a green light to attack,the knife and verbal assault was clearly committed by a marauding gang,a somewhat lower level of Cretan species which clearly the state police find it difficult to manage and who reside in a no-go area of which tourists are not being told to stay away from.This is totally unacceptable and brings shame and a bad reputation to Crete.

  9. ” At first the young man was shocked and then tried to protect himself, while his brother got out of the car and hit the enraged rancher in order to protect his brother.”

    Was this 2 against 1 tat triggered the escalation?

    These are the kind of odds these so called “cavemen” in this bias perception live for. Amid the two extremes of loving and vindictively protective in their equilibrium, to challenge the later is pure Darwinism in this part of Greece as history might attest. Lucky the townspeople saved the aggressive intruders who took the great liberty to overtake and challenge the proud natives by the sounds of things but who knows what the facts are when ironically calling the wrong party cavemen.

  10. j’adore tes PS, en particulier celui-ci : “But it’s certainly no coincidence that Crete tops Greece’s list on animals abuse.”. ça fait un peu penser au film DUEL de spielberg cette histoire effrayante !!!