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No lockdown-type restrictions again, says Greece’s Health Minister

Greece will not experience lockdown-type restrictions of movement and activities again and the government does not intend to impose restrictive measures in the autumn and in winter, Health Minister Thanos Plevris said on Tuesday.

“We believe that it will not be necessary to impose measures and, in the case it is necessary, any measures will be of the mildest possible level,” the minister said speaking to Skai TV, thus assuring there theyre won’t be a strict restrictions as in the past..

On the use of protective face masks, he said that extending the use of face masks in specific areas if needed may be examined. The target, he added, was for the mandatory use of face masks to be restricted while at the same time recommending the use of a face mask in certain areas.

Plevris said there will be a shift to a new culture, where the government will state what the protection measures are, recommend their use, as well as stating which groups are most at risk and where.

He also said that the decisions for the protection measures in schools will be reached within the next few days.

The minister underlined that there was an intense pandemic wave in the summer but this did not result in severe illness, noting that the cases needing treatment in an ICU were just 130, a number that was totally manageable.

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