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Video shows how the Cretan “bullies” ram the German tourists’ car

Footage obtained by state broadcaster ERT shows how the Cretan bullies rammed with their 4×4 truck the car of the German tourists, made a turn and literally “ride” on the tourists’ vehicle.

It is only due to the persistent intervention of local people who run on the street in the center of Perama and hold back the furious attacker.

The attack took place last Friday morning in the area of ​​Perama, Mylopotamos in Rethymno, on the island of Crete.

The footage shows the attackers’ black semi-truck driving very close to the German’s white car, corners it from the right and rams it. As the victims try to avoid another attack and slightly move away, the black truck reverses and literally rides on the hood of the white car .

It;s only up to the locals’ intervention, passersby and shop owners who run to calm down the attacker, while the victims flee in fear.

The video practically confirms what the German tourists told authorities and media about the unprecedented incident.

According to some media, the second Cretan man, the 36-year-old, was not in the truck when the two vehicles arrived in Perama, because he was injured and had get off.

The two Cretan bullies were arrested five days after the incident, on Tuesday. The younger one was released after a testimony to the prosecutor, while the older one, a 38-year-old, remains in custody until his testimony scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday.

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  1. Honestly, I cannot take the road with my car without avoiding accidents every day. No rules apply, everyone will try to pass in front of your vehicle, even in a turn, no matter the consequences. It looks like they could literally kill you only to save 5 seconds of their precious time.
    I have traveled in many countries in various continents and I have never seen such aggressive driving anywhere else.
    This is a huge problem and it affects how the country is perceived abroad.

  2. The trained German boxer who looked macho and emboldened in the media photos hopped out of the car to assault one of the so called “Cretan bullies”. This alarmist sensationalizing has to get its facts straight. They overly and unfairly scrutinized native were not enraged for nothing with so little said about what led up to this confrontation of 3 men against 2 crying victim.

  3. Gives credibility to the type of Cretan cretins portrayed in the film Zorbas.