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Gov’t support: Heating subsidy, one-off allowance, subsidy for farmers, breeders

Two days after Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced  at the International Fair of Thessaloniki a series of support measures for the society and some professional sectors amid the energy crisis, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras specified the measures on Monday morning.

Top on the agenda of government support and the society is the heating cost ahead of the upcoming winter.

Staikouras announced that income threshold for granting the heating oil subsidy will be significantly increased as well as the basis for its calculation.

Specifically, the income threshold for single persons increased to 16,000 euros from the 14,000 euros that applied last year and to 24,000 euros from 20,000 euros for couples, with an increase of 3,000 euros for each child.

At the same time, the base amount for the calculation of heating degree days is increased to 350 euros from 300 euros last year.

The allowance will be doubled for the beneficiaries who previously heated their homes with electricity and natural gas and switch to heating oil, with the base amount for heating degree days set to 700 euros.

There will also be a horizontal reduction of 25 cents per litre for heating oil.

Regarding the one-off allowance of 250 euros for low-incomers and vulnerable people that will be granted in December, it will be given to:

– 1.0 million pensioners, compared to 634,000 in April, with a monthly income of 800 euros compared to 600 euros in April.

– 35,000 uninsured elderly of the Organisation for Welfare Benefits and Social Solidarity (OPEKA),

– 172,000 beneficiaries of the disability allowance,

– 225,000 beneficiaries of the minimum guaranteed income will see a double payment

– 800,000 OPEKA child benefit beneficiaries will see an additional 1.5 installments

Beneficiaries of the “Recycle-Swap Device” programmer will be increased by 200,000 people at a cost of 140 million euros.

250,000 farmers will be subsidized for the increased cost of fertilizers, at a cost of 60 million euros, and 50,000 breeders will be subsidized for the increased cost of animal feed, at a cost of 89 million euros.

PS There is heavy criticism for the intensives regarding those switching to heating oil, as in thousands in areas with natural gas network switched from oil to gas in the last few years paying juicy amounts of 5,000 or even 6,000 euros and now are called on to switch back, paying another sum of the same level.

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