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Health ministry to activate complain mechanism if “personal doctor” asks for payment

Greece’s Health Ministry will activate a mechanism where citizens can file a complaint if the “personal doctor” asks to be paid. The  complaint mechanism aims to ensure that citizens do not pay for visits in a system that is free of charge for  patients.

The “personal doctor” is an institution that is free for all citizens since they will be able to visit him for health problems or for prevention issues.

General Secretary of Primary Health Care Marios Themistokleous noted on Wednesday during an online discussion organized by the Hellenic Academy of General/Family Medicine, there will immediately be a mechanism so that citizens can complain if their personal doctor asks for money.

He noted, however, that the best way to check doctors will be when the citizen himself leaves the doctor’s registration list of patient for not being satisfied with the services. .

It should be emphasized that the citizen can change personal doctor once a year.

However, according to sources, the leadership of the Health Ministry is expected to shorten the time so that citizens can choose another personal doctor given that they have chosen him randomly through the platform without knowing him.

When will the personal doctor be paid?

The leadership of the Ministry of Health has pointed out many times that the institution will be free for citizens, but in some cases they will have to pay.

Such cases are when the personal doctor chosen by the citizens has to make a home visit, the patient will pay as usual.

The visit is determined based on the invoice charged by each private doctor separately.

At the moment there is no provision for free home visits so as not to burden the patients, but the Ministry of Health has promised the doctors that it will try to secure a separate fund from the Ministry of Finance, so that these visits are covered by EOPYY funds and patients do not pay.

Even if citizens go to their personal doctor outside of scheduled appointments or hours, they will not pay, the medical news website noted.

This is a clear position of the Ministry leadership, even though it causes reactions among doctors. And this is because the hours that will be determined and officially declared by each personal doctor can be violated.

PS another platform will fix only part of a system that is estimated to need more than a year to fix and clarify all the problems.

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