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Stores in Thessaloniki to operate on energy saving hours from Oct 10 (POLL)

Retail stores in Thessaloniki are proceeding with the cutting of operation hours in order to save energy and operational cost, even though this is a local initiative and not implemented across the country.

The energy saving operation starts on Monday, October 10, 2022.

The measure is not mandatory and retailers have the option to close their stores earlier in the evening.

According to the scheme proposed by the chamber of commerce of Thessaloniki retail stores can operate:

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursdays and Friday

Seeking to offset the impact of soaring electricity and natural gas prices, the initiative expects to reduce business’ energy costs by an estimated 5-7.5% per day by trimming daily operating times by a couple of hours.

As KTG reported last week, chambers in other parts of the country are also mulling a similar reduction in operating hours. However, the chamber in Athens wants also reduced operating hours for supermarkets and big chains, fearing “unfair competition.”

So far, both sectors do not plan to cut on operation hours.

POLL: Do you agree on shorter operation of retail stores to save energy and cost?

Energy: Shorter operation hours for stores?

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  1. If it says it is not mandatory, then for sure the multinationals like H&M will stay open and the small stores will suffer. Also I suppose the supermarkets are not affected.

    It’s not even cold here yet In Thessaloniki. I’m still wearing shorts. Again, I think a better solution is to lower the thermostat rather than lower the hours. Stores have a tendency to crank the heat in the colder months.

    And finally, since I work most days until 6 or 7, it’s going to feel like a Covid lockdown for me, when I went months to buy a needed thing like winter pajamas and shoes, and yes, I must try things on first. Even now, where I can walk into a dozen shoe stores and ask for my size, only half of the time they fit, the other half they may be too narrow or have some uncomfortable feature, etc.

  2. dont agree, but primarily because it’s a combination of a retarded idea (energy ‘savings’ is minimal anyway in almost all cases) with a dictatorial idea (that every shop’s opening hours are to be dictated by some bureacrat)..

  3. 5 – 7.5% is a 50% difference. Has anyone published the facts?

  4. So consumers and workers will be forced to stay at home and consume more energy there. Fridges, freezers and lighting in the stores will still operate. The back up generators will still run in a power shut down. For politicians who are not aware, they need petrol or diesel to run. A vital energy source is it not?

    The stupidity of politicians is beyond belief and you can bet they have subsidized power from their corporate owners!!