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Residents in western Greece warned of intense weather phenomena

An emergency 112 alert has been sent to the mobiles of residents of the regions of Epirus, Western Greece, the Ionian Islands as well as the Western Peloponnese on Friday. The alert warns them of dangerous weather phenomena conditions in the next 24 hours, that is until late Saturday, October 15, and calling on them to avoid unnecessary travel.

According to the weather warning by the National Meteorological Service , the barometric low coming from Italy will bring heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms with intensive lightning as well as hail and gusty winds until late early Sunday morning (see details on KTG here.)

Rain forecast until Saturday night, Oct 15, by the National Observatory of Athens, meteo service..

On Friday night, the rain front will reach Central Greece, the Peloponnese, the Central and Southern Aegean and Crete. From Saturday afternoon, the rain will be limited to Evia, the Eastern mainland, the Central and South Aegean and Crete.

Temperatures will fall on Friday in the Ionian and continental regions and on Saturday in Crete, but will return to normal by Sunday.

Winds will be blowing locally with intensity up to 6-7 Beaufort on Friday and Saturday.

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