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Greek Gov’t announces electricity subsidy for Nov & natural gas

Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas on Thursday morning announced the size of the state subsidies for electricity bills in November as well as a flat rate subsidy for natural gas users.

At the same time the minister made a recommendation to citizens for energy/electricity saving of 5% [more details on a separate KTG post] as recently agreed by the EU member states.

Electricity subsidy will be set at 0.238 euros per KWh for a monthly consumption of up to 500 KWh, he clarified.

According to Skrekas the electricity subsidy covers roughly 90% of households, with the government absorbing the greater part of the cost increase and keeping retail prices at affordable levels, the minister added.

At this rate of subsidy, the average customer of the Public Power Corporation (PPC), for example, will pay 0.159 euros per KWh. The size of the subsidy will then decline as monthly consumption levels increase while it will apply to all domestic electricity connections without income criteria.

The total cost of the subsidies will be 430 million euros, of which 270 million will subsidise households.

Skrekas said that the greater part of this amount is financed via the mechanism for recovering the windfall profits of power producers, which came into force in July and has so far generated revenues exceeding 2.3 billion euros.

He noted that this mechanism has also been adopted in Europe by other EU member-states, while there is also majority support among member-states for two Greek proposals to tackle the energy crisis – common purchases of natural gas and imposing a cap on natural gas prices.

For monthly consumption levels between 501-1000 KWh, the subsidy is set at 0.188 euros per KWh and for consumption levels above 1001 KWh (about 2 pct of households) it is 0.098 euros.

The additional subsidy of 0.05 euros per KWh for those that reduce consumption by 15 pct remains, as an incentive for energy savings, while the increase in price is fully subsidised for those qualifying for the Social Residential Tariff.

For businesses and farmers, subsidies will range from 0.20 euros per KWh to 50 euros per MWh.

Subsidies will also be paid for the roughly 700,000 households using natural gas in November, at a flat rate of 25 euros per thermal MWh.

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