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“Anti-theft” devices on baby formula: Greek supermarket triggers outcry

A big supermarket chain in the center of Athens has placed “anti-theft” devices on baby formula. The pictures circulating on social media and websites have shocked the Greek society and triggered an outcry.

Baby formula is an expensive product and there have been probably incidents of theft that had the chain to proceed with this measure.

But anti-theft device in baby formula? A measure against parents in need who, according to the supermarket policy, should rather see their newborn starve to death?

Anti-theft devices on baby formula saw Greeks on their TV screens from Turkey’s supermakerts (milk and cheese) and from the UK (butter) last summer.

In a report at Mega TV, makers of such devices said that they have been asked by supermarkets to produce such devices not only for baby formula but also for instant coffee, honey jars, alcohol drinks like whisky, razor blades and even feta cheese which is sold packed in plastic containers on the shelves.

A Mega TV reporter said early Wednesday evening that in two supermarkets of the same chain in downtown Athens have put anti-theft devices not only in baby formula but also in other baby food items.

Speaking to Live News Magazine, the president of small and medium supermarkets association, said “it was OK to place anti-theft devices in alcoholic drinks but in baby formula was exaggerated.”

So far, the name of the supermarket has not be disclosed.

A police unionist told Open TV that thefts in supermarkets mostly concern whisky or small electric devices. He described the baby formula pictures as “a punch in the sotmach.”

Greece have been recording an inflation of an average 11%-12%, while wages stagnate.

Not even the much-praised, little-effect “household basket” or the subsidies in electricity can help low-wage workers or vulnerable households to cover their basic needs as they have lost 40% of their purchase power in 2022.

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  1. Really, what is this world coming to?

  2. We’ve had baby formula behind some kind of security device for years. It used to be stolen routinely. And it’s because formula is quite expensive.