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Greece freezes assets of Eva Kaili, her partner and immediate family

The head of the Greek authority against money-laundering ordered on Monday morning the freezing of all assets owned in Greece by European Parliament Vice-President and MEP Eva Kaili, her partner and her immediate family such as parents and siblings.

it is recalled that Kaili’s father was reportedly detained outside a hotel with a bag containing some 600,000 euros as he was about to leave Brussels. He was released on Sunday on restrain order. Kaili’s sister is founder of an NGO in the Belgian capital offering legal services on technology and cryptocurrency. Media wrote that the sister was to be questioned as well.

According to media, frozen is also a real estate company Kaili and her partner, Italian Francesco Giorgi recently established in noble suburb of Kolonaki in downtown Athens.

CNNGreece reveals early Monday afternoon that the real estate company was established just 15 days ago. “This move signaled alarm to competent authorities, who want to investigate the possibility that the company in question was created with the intention of being used as a “vehicle” for the trafficking of black money,” notes cnngreece.

Citing sources, media report that the prosecutor took immediate action after the MEP was reportedly detained and later arrested in Belgium on charges of corruption and money-laundering.

The freezing aims to protect assets that may derive from illegal activities and are located in Greece, including property, bank accounts, shares in companies and others.

All Greek financial institutions and the relevant state services, such as the land registry, have been informed of the freezing of assets owned by MEP being held in Belgium, as well as the members of her immediate family.

44-year-old Eva Kaili is one of four people arrested by Belgian authorities on Sunday and charged with money laundering, corruption and forming a criminal organization, according to reports in the Belgian media.

Next to the bag with the over half a million euro in 50-euro banknotes carried by the father, authorities in Brussels found another 150,000 in 20- and 50-notes in bags in Kaili’s home, reports newspaper Le Soir.

Citing Belgian media, media in Greece note the main charge for Kaili is money-laundering. The Greek MEP has allegedly blamed her husband for “illegal activities.”

Kaili and the three Italian arrestees were transferred to prison on Sunday, where they will be waiting for a decision by the Judicial Council whether they will be remanded custody or set free until the trial. The decision is expected on Wednesday.

The European Parliament said at the weekend that Kaili had been suspended from her duties, most notably that of representing the parliament’s President Roberta Metsola in the Middle East.

Greek socialist PASOK party, of which Kaili is a member, expelled her right after the news of her home raid and detention became known on Friday night.

“Certainly the news is very worrisome,” European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said as he arrived at a meeting of foreign ministers on Monday. He reportedly added that no officials from the bloc’s diplomatic service or overseas missions had been implicated.

The claims of bribery have shaken the European Parliament, now there are calls  for the EU institutions to be investigated to root out foreign influence.

On Sunday, Qatar dismissed claims it had bribed EU officials to speak on their favor and support especially visa-free access to EU.

In an interview with state broadcaster ERT on Sunday, the journalist of Belgian newspaper Le Soir that revealed the QatarGate said that “the case is just in the beginning” and that more investigations and raids are due.

PS in the end of the day, it may come out Eva as just a housewife doing her laundry.

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