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Kaili stripped of EP vice-presidency; refuses to resign as MEP

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola stripped ΜEP Eva Kaili of her vice-presidential obligations and duties, in a brief statement to the European parliament.

“Our way of open, free, democratic societies is under attack. The enemies of democracy (…) will stop at nothing. These malign actors, linked to autocratic third countries, have allegedly weaponized NGOs, unions, individuals, assistants and members of the European Parliament in an effort to subdue our processes. Their malicious plans failed,” Metsola said.

Without referring to Kaili directly, the European parliament president said, “I accompanied a Belgian judge and police – as required by the Belgian constitution – to a house search last weekend. As a precautionary measure, again with full respect for the presumption of innocence, I have stripped the vice-president mentioned of any tasks and responsibilities related to their role as vice-president and I have convened an extraordinary meeting of the conference of presidents to launch an Article 21 procedure to bring their term as vice-president to an end, in an effort to protect the integrity of this House.”

“I was also scheduled today to announce the opening of the negotiating mandate for the visa-waiver report with Qatar and Kuwait. In light of the investigations, this report must be sent back to committee.” Metsola also noted.

According to Greek state broadcaster ERT, the EP asked Kaili through her lawyer to resign also from the seat in the Parliament, however, she refused to do so.

Greek MEP Eva Kaili and another three individuals arrested by Belgian authorities on charges of corruption will appear before a preliminary investigating magistrate on Wednesday, the federal prosecutor’s office said on Monday.

Kaili and the others were arrested on Friday and are being detained.

“To the present, six people had been called in for questioning. Four of these, including an MEP, have been detained. These suspects will appear before the preliminary court section on Wednesday,” said an official statement on Monday.


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  1. These are all crocodile tears and faked outrage. The rot and corruption run deep at EU institutions. It is not just the influence of foreign state actors but also the influence of lobbyists of big corporations that influence law and decision making. And then there is the revolving door between EU institutions and big corporations. For example the revolving door between the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and biotech firms. And then there was (still ongoing?) case of MEPs punching in on Fridays and then go home immediately without working but cashing in that per diem. Excuse me, is anybody working for a company or organizations able to do that? Didn’t think so.

    The EP, the rubber stampers for the EC. The EP can’t even initiate new legislation but can only vote for new legislation proposed by the EC. These new laws are often influenced by big lobbyists. Remember the EU bail out legislation? That was written mostly by big financial corporations. The few honest MEPs that tried to read that legislation had to jump over crocodile infested waters, go passed the tigers and booby-traps in order to have access to it. They had to hand over their phones and were only allowed to bring in paper and a pencil

    What about the case of von der Leyen and the roll out of the Pfizer vaccine? Or the fact that a wolf that killed one of her ponies is to be exterminated while a farmer cannot kill a wolf when it has killed his sheep? The list goes on. These cases don’t pass the smell test.
    It is a big club and you’re not in it.

  2. Once again the perfume of profit overcomes the stink of corruption.