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Huge New Year’s cake over 5 tons and 200 lucky coins in Peristeri

A huge New Year’s cake weighing over five tons, consisting of 50,000 pieces and containing 200 lucky coins was set up on the main street of Peristeri suburb of western Athens on December 30, 2022. The amazing Vasilopita may enter the Guiness Book of Records.

The cake was created by 200 people from dozens of neighborhood bakeries and in collaboration of with the he Bakers Guild of Athens, Suburbs & Surroundings.

Ingredients used to preserve the Greek tradition were: 4,000 kg flour, 2,000 kg oil, 1,000 kg sugar, 500 kg powder sugar, 50 kg baking powder, 2,000 eggs, 1,500 oranges, 50 kg cognac, 4 boxes of vanilla.

Thousands of locals and visitors attended the big celebration late Friday afternoon, December 30, 2022, with mayor Andreas Pachaturidis to symbolically cut the traditional Vasilopita.

Video: Cutting the cake and New Year’s carols via

Those who found a lucky coin in their piece of cake would go to the Municipality Hall on Monday to receive a present, as the Greek tradition dictates.

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