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Athens braces for second snow-wave on Tuesday (schools, measures)

Schools in some suburbs of Athens will remain closed also on Tuesday and workers can go to work not earlier than 10 a.m. as snow weather deterioration is forecast over night with frost phenomena early in the morning.

Schools will be closed also on the islands of Evia, Samos, Lesvos and Crete as well as in Fthiotida, media reported.

Note: to be sure which school in Attica or elsewhere is closed, contact directly the school.

There are reports that retail stores and open farmer markets (laiki) may close in the north, north-east and some suburbs of western Attica as on Monday.

The severe weather front that has hit Greece since Sunday affecting mainly the eastern and southern parts of Greece will continue until Wednesday with new snowfall at low altitudes of the eastern areas, Evia and Crete, as well as with rain or sleet in the Aegean, according to the new forecast data of the National Observatory of Athens/

UPDATED Weather Warning

The National Meteorological Service EMY updated its weather warning on Monday afternoon as follows:

1) Today, Monday (06/02/2023), the snowfalls that are already occurring in the eastern and southern regions will continue and from the late afternoon will be heavy at times in eastern Magnesia, the Sporades islands, Evia, eastern Sterea as well as in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of the Eastern Peloponnese, the Cyclades and Crete.

2) Attica and Athens:, snowfall will occur even in areas with low altitude, which will be dense at times from the evening to the dawn of Tuesday (07/02/2023), mainly in the east and the north. It will snow again and briefly on Tuesday afternoon.

There will be frost in places, which will be strong in the north.

3) On Tuesday (07/02/2023) snowfall is expected to continue in the Sporades (until the midday hours), in eastern Magnesia, Evia, eastern Sterea, in the islands of the northern and eastern Aegean as well as in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of the Eastern Peloponnese, the Cyclades (mainly in the western parts) and Crete (mainly in the west and central).

A gradual decline in the phenomena is expected from noon and from the north.


Strong frost will be noted in the continental areas, which in the north will be total in places (negative temperatures throughout the day).

Stormy Winds

North northeast winds of intensity 8 to 9 Beaufort will blow in the Aegean and from Tuesday (07/02/2023) they will gradually weaken.

Authorities on alert

The Civil Protection mechanism of the Attica Region is fully mobilized to deal with bad weather, with the safety of citizens as a priority

Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator said it was on alert for power cuts due to the weather, and had placed over 150 people on call on Evia island, hard hit by snow, and in Attica it had over 800 staff on call with special machinery and power generators among others, in addition to crews to handle trees that may fall on power lines.

Attica Region head of metropolitan infrastructure Panagiotis Kariotis said that there are 117 heavy machines, of which 58 are large snow plows with blades and salt-scatterer and 22 smaller ones, along with cranes and 4×4 cars to help people trapped in cars on roads and for possible transport to hospitals.

In Attica, traffic police has said drivers moving in the entire road network of the Attica prefecture must carry snow chains or other non-slip equipment.

Hellenic Train cancellations

Intercity trains 62 and 63 running between Athens and Thessaloniki and the 887 train service between Kalabaka and Athens have been cancelled due to the worsening weather, Hellenic Train announced on Monday evening.

National Highway Athens-Lamia

Heavy trucks with over 3.5 tons will be reportedly banned from the national highway Athens-Thessaloniki as of8-9 p.m. on Monday. The ban ordered by traffic police is in effect “until further notice,” STAR TV reported.

Public Services

Public services in Attica, Viotia, Evia, Evrytania and Fthiotida will start operation at 10 a.m. Tuesday, February 7,2023.

There will be no tele-working from home.

Public Transport

these will be changes in some bus lines.

Note that Tuesday will be the second consecutive day that daily life in Attica will be disturbed due to the snow weather that has no impact to the whole of the Prefecture.

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