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Civil Protection measures due to snow in Attica, other regions

Greece’s Civil Protection issued a series of measures for Wednesday, February 8, due to snowfalls in large parts of Attica and other regions. The measures refer to civil servants, couriers & delivery as well as retail stores and traffic in national highways.

These measures are:

Public sector workers will arrive at their services at 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Measure refers to the Region of Attica and the Regional Units of Viotia, Evia, Evrytania and Fthiotida.

Shops in the north, north-west and north-east of Attica, including the northern suburbs of the Attica Region and the Municipality of Thebes of the Regional Unit of Viotia will be open as of 11:00 a.m.

Courier & Delivery Services: Prohibited is the transport and sale of goods through delivery or courier services, in the same areas, as well as in the Regional Units of Magnesia, Fthiotida, Viotia, Evia and Sporades until 11.00 in the morning.

Depending on the development of the meteorological data, it will be decided whether and to what extent heavy vehicle traffic will be stopped on the National Road Networks affected by the bad weather.

Note that also schools in several parts of Attica will be shut down due to snow weather.

The Civil Protection decided to implement those measures following the evaluation of the latest meteorological data and the updated warning of the National Meteorological Service (Check here for details).

The bad weather will continue in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday until early afternoon February 8, with snowfall and severe frost mainly in North, North-East and North-West Attica as well as in Magnesia, Eastern Thessaly including the Sporades, Fthiotida, Viotia and Evia.

The GPP reiterates the strict recommendation to citizens to reduce their movements to those absolutely necessary and to take all the necessary self-protection measures in accordance with the instructions.

It is emphasized again that it is mandatory to equip all vehicles with anti-skid means. The Greek Police continues to carry out strict checks.

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