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Earthquake diplomacy: Turkey’s FM submits de-escalation proposal to Greece

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has submitted a six-point proposal to Greece with the aim to improve the bilateral relations following the earthquake disaster and Greece’s assistance and solidarity.

The submitted plan was revealed by PM Mitsotakis’ Diplomatic Office Director media reported.

Speaking to Greek journalists on Saturday, Cavusoglu praised Greece saying it is one of the first few countries to extend its support to Turkey after the fatal earthquakes by sending rescue teams and humanitarian aid.

Furthermore, he stressed that “my friend [Greek Foreign Affairs Minister] Nikos Dendias came to Hatay, where we saw how devastating the earthquake was across ten provinces – but especially so in Hatay. We thank all the Greek teams and out friends there, and all the countries for their support.”

“Greeks also really expressed their support and solidarity, we also saw the TV programs. In the past too we supported each other -I mean as neighbors, and we supported each other as people and states whenever we faced such crises, such disasters,” he noted.

He added “yes, we had disagreements, we had pending issues from time to time, and unfortunately we had escalations too. But, as we discussed with Nikos Dendias, I think there should be a de-escalation and we should not wait for another disaster to work together, not only to normalize the relationship, but to solve some problems.”

“We need to strengthen the positive agenda,” Cavusoglu underlined.

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  1. Blablabla, I don’t thrust him. As long the sultan is in power, Turkey is a threat to us and to many others. See what they do to the kurds, see that they block Sweden and Finnland from entering NATO. They collaborate with Russia, Syria…