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Seafood and Lent dips added in the Household Basket

Nine products were added to the household basket as of Wednesday while the so-called “Lent Seafood basket” is also available from today with special delicacies like octopus, calamari, shrimps and other sea food Greeks eat in the 40 days before Easter, starting with the opulent tables on Clean Monday, February 27.

The extension of the household basket refers to: fresh veal, high pasteurized, low-fat and and full-fat milk, white cheese, turkey and chicken, pariza and beans, lentils and chickpeas.

The basket of the Lent will include dips, frozen seafood (two different products at least) and halva.

The Development and Investments Ministry also added in its announcement that 91 percent of the price of the products of the household’s basket either drop of remain stable for 17th consecutive weeks since the implementation of the government’s initiative, according to the prices announced on Wednesday 22 February by the supermarket chains.

At the same time, the Development Minister announced that he stroke a deal with the Central Fish Markert in Athens for offering certain products during the Lent cheaper than last year, as he claimed.

PS I saw in supermarkets is that prices went up from yesterday, Tuesday, to today, Wednesday. Filter coffee 500gr is nearly 10 euros now, when coffee prices worldwide are down.

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